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Event app from appsquared: useful "to the power of two" for organizers and visitors

When I was at school I had a teacher who always emphasized, when something was really important, “Now please listen to the power of two!” So ​​if something was “to the power of two”, then you really did your homework, and everyone did it worth it every single time. And I thought of this anecdote when I was recently made aware of the appropriate event app at an event. Because it was developed by appsquared, an exciting start-up from Potsdam that develops app solutions for trade fairs, events, congresses and all other event formats. The slogan: Apps in a square, i.e. apps to the power of two.

Event app permanently on the users' screen

The agenda at a glance - always up to date.

And because things usually work twice as well in a square, as they did in class, I downloaded the app from the marketing event to my smartphone to test what you can actually do with it for our blog - and for what Organizers use their own event app. One thing in advance: The event is long over, but the app is still on my mobile phone. And it stays that way, because the organizer still provides me with exciting news from the industry that interests me via the digital tool, conducts surveys or asks me to upload photos. Like my own new channel that connects me to the event! "Exactly, an app is, so to speak, a new medium for disseminating content or entering into a dialogue with visitors," says the expert Stephanie Apel from appsquared, with whom I spoke about the event app.

New media channel to reach visitors

But one thing at a time: even before the event, the event app was useful on my home screen. There I was able to call up the program at any time, and I was immediately notified of changes via push message. As in the career network, I was able to use a search / offer function to enter in advance who I would like to meet - and to arrange to meet directly. The details of the lectures and speakers were available at a glance. During the two days of the event, I had hall plans ready on my mobile phone, was informed at the end of the lunch break that things would continue soon, was able to share photos and comment, take part in surveys and view the results in real time. “That also creates a certain community character,” explains Stephanie Apel. “And: The companies reach their customers via an event app via a single channel.” I was even able to enter notes directly in the app so that I can find everything bundled in one place.

Suitable for all organizers

The event app is always in your pocket.

But for which organizers is it worthwhile to bring their own app into the stores? “Actually as good as for everyone,” says Stephanie Apel. “Whether it's sporting events, conferences, presentations or incentives - there is always information that interests the visitors. An app is a simple and modern way to reach it. ”Customers at appsquared can choose from various packages which features the event app should contain, and of course the service provider is also available to advise on which event one has which options at all needs. For my experience with the event app, I can say: It's extremely useful to have everything in one place. Namely, the one that you always carry around with you anyway, your own smartphone. This not only makes life easier for me as a visitor, but of course also the organizer's workflow. And it also protects the environment, because there is no need for printed matter at all. That's actually useful to the power of three, isn't it ?!


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Julia Gundelach has been part of the memo media team since 2016 and prefers to blog about action-packed event formats that she can also test for herself. As a freelance editor, she specializes in the areas of marketing, PR and advertising, but also on new topics in the event industry. Fortunately, because a more colorful, diverse and surprising world than the event business can not imagine!