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Fractions on the number line

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Fractions can be plotted on a number line. That means, we put a line where the value of the fraction (as a decimal number) is. Here are a few examples:

Enter fraction on the number line

For example, the fraction has the value. We look for this value on the number line and set the mark.

Put in a fraction and see how the marker position on the number line (as well as the circle) changes:

Draw a number line and remove thirds

We can independently mark a fraction on the number line. Let's choose the fractions of thirds as an example.

First we draw a number line (length for example) and enter the numbers (at the beginning) and (at the end).

Next we need to choose the spacing for the markers so that we can draw in the breaks correctly. Of the fractions are and. We already have these two (0 and 1). That means we need markers for and.

Hence we divide the distance from to in three equal routes one by placing two markers. If the route is long, then we have distances of. So we put a marker at and one at. Now we can enter and at the markers:

In addition, instead of and, we can write the fractions and, if we want:

Different fractions on the number line

The fractions on the number line are shown below:

Next, be sure to do the learning check: breaks in the number line to test your knowledge.