Is gerrymandering proof of electoral fraud

The power of conspiracy theories

Almost seven weeks after Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's victory, Donald Trump still claims he was the victim of a conspiracy to have his election stolen. Although there is not the slightest evidence of electoral fraud across the country, according to a Fox News poll, around 70 percent of its 74 million voters believe Trump was cheated out of his victory. Another investigation by Bright Line Watch in late November found that around half of Trump supporters believed that he, and not Biden, would be sworn in as president in January.

How can you explain all of this? According to the French writer Gustave Flaubert (1821–1880), nothing is as strenuous as exploring human stupidity. Some observers point to the polarization between an educated elite and the class of the culturally and economically dependent. Two-thirds of those without a college degree voted for Trump.

The German publicist Carolin Emcke thinks that Trump's success was also due to the unfiltered simultaneous media support and reproduction of his obvious lies. Only afterwards were the untruths and nonsense offered by him individually and editorially listed. Here she feels a "nihilistic relativism, which equates everything and puts it into perspective as different 'opinions'". +

Democratic "deficit"

US commentators see the reasons why Trump, despite his devastating presidency, got more votes than any campaigning president before him in the long-standing conspiracy theories about the omnipotence of an opinion-forming left elite. A third of Americans and 72 percent of registered Republicans believed that Barack Obama was not born in the United States and therefore could not be a legitimate president. The author Anne Applebaum warned in the magazine The Atlantic, that Trump did not create this democratic "deficit", but exploited and expanded it.

While the Democrats argue over whether their campaign was "too left" or not "right left" in the disappointing congressional elections that took place at the same time, the Republicans form a closed faction. Only one in ten Republican Congressmen was ready to recognize Biden as the legitimate winner by the first week of December. Trump has managed to raise $ 250 million in donations for the party and for the action committee he controls, possibly also for his re-running in 2024, since election day.

He made the Republican Party his political prisoner. The party's congressmen and senators know what they owe to the showman's cynical tactics in the White House. The runoff election for the two seats in the Senate of Georgia on January 5, which is crucial for the functioning of the Biden administration, will show the extent to which the nonsense about the "stolen election", which Trump and his supporters spread day and night, still has an impact. (Paul Lendvai, December 22nd, 2020)

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