You can drive without power steering fluid

Hyundai Santa Fe: power steering fluid

Hyundai Santa Fe Owner's Manual

Check the power steering fluid level

Regularly check the fluid level in the power steering expansion tank. The vehicle must be on level ground. At normal temperature, the level must be between the MAX and MIN markings on the side of the container.

Before adding power steering fluid, carefully clean the area around the reservoir cap to avoid contaminating the fluid.

If the level is too low, fill the container up to the MAX mark.

ANNOTATION Check that the fluid level is in the "HOT" mark area on the container. If the liquid is cold, check that it is in the "COLD" range.

In the event that the power steering has to be topped up frequently, we recommend having the system inspected by an authorized HYUNDAI workshop.


  • Do not use the vehicle for long periods of time if the power steering fluid level is too low.

    Otherwise the power steering pump could be damaged.

  • Do not start the engine when the expansion tank is empty.
  • When refilling the liquid, make sure that no contaminants enter the container.
  • Too low a level can lead to an increase in the required steering force and / or cause power steering noises.
  • The use of unspecified fluids can damage the power steering and impair its effectiveness.

Use only the specified power steering fluid (see Chapter 8 "Recommended lubricants and fill quantities").

Check power steering fluid lines

Before starting your journey, check the connections of the power steering lines for leaks and the lines for significant damage and twisting.