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Raise the foundation

Reasons to Raise the Foundation

The foundation is the foundation for many building projects. In principle, this ranges from the foundation for a garden fence to the floor foundation of a house. For various reasons it can happen that the foundation is not (anymore) high enough. Typical causes would be:

  • Incorrectly measured foundation
  • the requirements have changed and the increase is taking place as part of a renovation

Now comes a sentence that is easily misunderstood: in principle, it is possible to raise a foundation. However, the foundation cannot always be raised in a way that would correspond to the requirements. The following delimitation is therefore not clear. Rather, it is intended to provide a first clue.

Not every foundation can be easily increased

Raising foundations that are part of a building permit is more problematic than raising simple foundations such as the foundation for the fence. A distinction must also be made in terms of load-bearing capacity.

For example, floor panels for residential buildings are often made in two parts: on the outside with a non-load-bearing and non-reinforced frost apron and on the inside with the reinforced floor plate, which must dissipate all loads. The frost apron could be raised quite easily, but not the reinforced base plate. In any case, a structural engineer and / or an architect must be called in here.

The distinction between building projects with foundations that require or do not need a building permit, also because there is a contract between you and the architect and / or the site manager, especially for building projects that require approval. Accordingly, the foundation may even have to be completely rebuilt. This can lead to a lengthy litigation.

Foundations You Can Raise

It is different with simple foundations for a mailbox or a small greenhouse. However, further measures may have to be taken here as well. It may well be necessary for both components to be firmly connected to one another. This can be done using primer (€ 20.99 at Amazon *) or mono iron.

Different techniques for joining the concrete layers

Old concrete can also be cleaned accurately. Loose areas must be completely removed. The reinforcement bars represent a connection like a reinforcement. It is particularly important that these are later installed in such a way that neither water nor air can lead to excessive corrosion. An adhesive primer is only recommended if the foundation is rather small, such as for the already mentioned fence or a small terrace.

In the case of construction projects that require approval, raising the foundation that has already been installed usually means nothing more than a mistake in the execution. It is therefore imperative that you consult a neutral expert and, if necessary, an experienced specialist lawyer.

Author: Tom Hess

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