Did you make a short film?

Make your own film

The idea is everything!

In the beginning you need a good idea for your film. First of all, decide what type of film you want to make: a feature film, an animated film or a documentary.

There are different types of feature films. Crime, comedy or cartoon - they all have a story made up. You first have to think up the plot of the story, maybe together with your friends, and write a script.

You record the plot in the script. Where, who, when, what - these question words will help you write down the most important things. It is best to divide everything into individual scenes and write down what should happen then.


Of course you need a camera for filming. If you don't have a video camera, you can use a camera or cell phone. Cell phones also have very good recordings, you just have to be careful not to wobble so much. It is more advisable to take a camera or video camera and get a tripod for it.

If you are filming indoors, it is very important that there is enough light. Dark rooms have to be well lit, otherwise the film will be too dark. It is best to check all the technology in advance. Film a short rehearsal and say something. Is the room bright enough? Is the sound easy to understand? If you're building in interviews, it would be good to use a microphone.

Your feature film

A feature film usually also needs actors. Why don't you ask your friends if they'll be there. Of course, your pet can also have a leading role in the film. Once you've got your actors together, you may need costumes and a setting. Where should the film take place? What is particularly suitable as equipment (prop)? Go on a search for suitable materials!

A script is a must for a feature film with people. Who says what? Smaller dialogues should be well thought out in advance. Especially with jokes, the end has to be right.

Your cartoon

Do you have an idea for a cartoon? There are very different ways of implementing your idea, such as a stop-motion film or a cartoon. You can do this well on your own, but of course it's more fun together.

  • Stop motion film: it can be easily made with modeling clay or figures (like Lego or Playmobil). For that you need a backdrop. The figures are moved a little bit by bit, of which a few pictures are taken each time. The individual pictures together then result in the movement of the figure.
  • Sliding and laying animation film: Cut out the drawn figures and place them on paper. They are moved bit by bit, what you take pictures of. This time, too, the individual images show the movement.