Should death be seen as a civic duty

NDR Info News from January 12th, 2021:

Söder: Corona vaccination is a civic duty

Bavaria's Prime Minister Söder has brought up a vaccination requirement for nursing staff in homes. The CSU boss told the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" that there were too many people who refused to be vaccinated in this professional group. The ethics council should now examine whether and how a mandatory vaccination against the corona virus can be implemented. After all, it is a matter of life and death in old people's and nursing homes. Söder went on to say that getting vaccinated should be seen as a civic duty. In addition to the vaccine from Biontech and Pfizer, the vaccine from the US company Moderna is now also available in Germany. According to the Federal Ministry of Health, the approximately 60,000 doses are now being distributed among the federal states. | 01/12/2021 7:22 am

Spahn: Herd immunity until summer

Federal Minister of Health Spahn assumes that herd immunity can be achieved in the fight against the corona virus by the summer. Enough vaccine had been ordered for Germany, said the CDU politician. Production capacities are currently still scarce. But more vaccine will be available every month. One speaks of "herd immunity" when so many people in a population are protected against a virus that the pathogen can barely spread. | 01/12/2021 7:22 am

Robert Koch Institute reports 891 new deaths

In Germany, 891 people last died in one day in connection with the corona virus. The Robert Koch Institute announced this early this morning. The health authorities have also reported almost 13,000 new infections to the institute within 24 hours. The so-called incidence value in Germany is currently a good 164. However, due to the effects of the Christmas holidays, the figures are still only of limited informative value. | 01/12/2021 7:22 am

England tightened entry rules for the British too

Entry to England will soon only be possible with a negative corona test. The new rule is due to come into force on Friday morning and also apply to British citizens. As the country's Ministry of Transport announced, airlines, railway companies and ship operators are obliged to check the test before departure. Regardless of the result, all those entering would have to go into quarantine for ten days. UK citizens infected with the virus will be banned from re-entry. Violations can result in high fines. | 01/12/2021 7:22 am

FBI warns of violence if Biden takes office

In the United States, the FBI warns of armed protests at the inauguration of the new President Biden. Radical supporters of the elected President Trump apparently intend to use violence to prevent the change in the White House. According to the FBI, the threats come from a right-wing group that was also present when the Capitol was stormed. The security precautions in Washington are therefore tightened. A metal fence was erected around the Capitol, on the steps of which the new president is to be sworn in. In addition, the National Guard has mobilized 15,000 additional forces. | 01/12/2021 7:22 am

The protection of the constitution warns of right-wing terror

After the storm on the Capitol in Washington, the Thuringian Office for the Protection of the Constitution warns of similar actions in Germany. President Kramer told the "editorial network Germany" that the relevant scene of right-wing extremists, Reich citizens and conspiracy theorists felt encouraged. The pressure in the boiler is rising. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution must also be prepared for the fact that the actions are increasingly directed against politicians. The radicals want to intimidate decision-makers and show that the state is not in a position to protect its representatives. | 01/12/2021 7:22 am

Helgoland: New record of gray seal pups

More and more gray seals are being born on Heligoland. According to the Jordsand Association, the number of births in the current litter season has risen to a new high - 652 young animals were counted in the current litter season. That is about 120 more than a year ago. The number of gray seal births on Heligoland has been recorded since 1996. Since then there has been a steady increase. In order to protect the animals from disturbance by humans, the beaches are closed during the litter season from November to January. | 01/12/2021 7:22 am

Weather forecast

The weather in Northern Germany: Today it was peeling off rain and changing clouds, later a few showers. 3 to 7 degrees. Tomorrow cloudy with uplifts, occasionally and in some areas also snow, rain and sleet showers. 2 to 6 degrees. The further prospects: On Thursday cloudy and mostly dry with minus 1 to plus 3 degrees. On Friday cloudy to foggy-cloudy, minus 2 to plus 2 degrees. | 01/12/2021 7:22 am