The GATE curriculum changes every year

Frequently asked questions about the new curriculum

Do I have to change trains?
No, students with a previous ('old') study plan have until Sep. 2021 (4 years) time to complete with the previous study plan.

Should i change?
Whether or not it is advisable to change depends on the individual progress of your studies. It is therefore best to discuss the documents of your current study progress with colleagues from the departmental representation.

New STEOP? What applies to me if I change trains?
The new STEOP applies to those switching.

How can I change?
Announce your intention / decision to the study and examination department responsible for you.
Discuss with your departmental representative beforehand.

Which courses do I actually have to complete?
You have to complete the courses that are in the active curriculum (Uni Graz online business card).
Those who continue to study the previous one: the course of the previous one.
Everyone who opts for the new curriculum: the courses of the new curriculum. Everyone who starts in autumn will start with the new curriculum.

If the courses of the “old” curriculum are no longer offered, the “new” curriculum contains an equivalence list that shows effective crediting in both directions.

I have completed courses that are no longer included in the new curriculum - will I lose these ECTS if I switch?
No - for every course completed in the old curriculum there is a credit for a course in the new curriculum.

A list of these credits can be found in the new curriculum in the chapter 'Equivalence List'.

Do I have to catch up on courses from the new curriculum?
No, if you continue to study according to the old curriculum.
When switching to the new curriculum, it depends on the progress of your studies which new courses have to be completed.
All new courses for which the equivalent course in the old curriculum has already been completed are automatically credited.
Which course of the old curriculum is recognized for which course of the new curriculum can be found in the equivalence list of the new curriculum.

There will be new courses / previous courses will disappear - Did I do something for free?
Completed ECTS remain in any case. No completed course was taken for free - the equivalence list in the new curriculum lists which of the 'old courses' are recognized for which new courses.
If you want to graduate according to the old curriculum, you will also find all courses there that are now to be completed for courses that are no longer offered.

The equivalence list works automatically, but is not mandatory: any other course that corresponds in terms of content can be submitted to the study law body for recognition of an 'old' but also a 'new' course (often happens in the course of stays abroad). However, it is essential to clarify beforehand whether recognition can be expected.