How would life be without YouTube

What if YouTube didn't exist anymore? A horror scenario

By now, every YouTube fan should be familiar with “Article 13”, after all, the future of the video portal more or less depends on it. We imagined what it would be like if YouTube suddenly ceased to exist. We also asked YouTubers what their Plan B would look like should the worst-case scenario actually materialize.

The year is 2025. Since Article 13 of the EU copyright directives came into force two years ago, a gray sneak seems to hang over the world. Google has officially announced the closure of YouTube as part of the new policy. The last video on the platform went online on October 29, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. and bears the title "PewDiePew: I was beaten by T-Series after 5 tearful years - my life is over". PewDiePie alias Felix Kjellberg has long been considered the most subscribed YouTuber in the world. After losing the bet with his long-term competitor T-Series, the native Swede moved to India. Since then he has been distributing on the streets flyers and tried as Stand-up comedian to maintain his fame.

But what is the situation in Germany? Since the shutdown of YouTube, many small content creators have lived on Subsistence level. The unemployment rate is higher than it has been since 1922. Only a few big YouTubers have managed to gain a foothold outside the video platform. YouTuber Gronkh is currently touring with his new format "Let's Play - Public Viewing" by the federal states. Bianca Claßen, also known as Bibi, has fulfilled a long-cherished dream after her motherhood: An amusement park for beauty addicts. The first “Beauty Palace” will soon open in Borken in North Rhine-Westphalia. In addition to live make-up tutorials, there are plans for automatic grippers with products from Bibi's current make-up collection and a roller coaster in a lipstick design that races along a track shaped like lips.

You will probably no longer be able to watch all of these YouTube videos in 2025.

But not everyone makes the big breakthrough far away from the YouTube universe. With a little luck some of them will come as Moderators or editors at TV and radio stations under. But these places are few and far between, because there is currently one Oversupply of "content creators" on the job market. The employment agency cannot keep up with the placement of talents. Many end up choosing one Retraining to become a geriatric nurse or educator.

But not every area is suffering from the end of YouTube. VIVA for example recently hercomeback celebrated on German television. With YouTube, the music videos of great artists also disappeared, so that the music channel could go back to its roots: music, music and music. Local too Tutoring and cooking classes are enjoying increasing demand as users can no longer access YouTube content.

"Oops!" I suddenly open my eyes. “Was it all just a bad dream?” I look at my smartphone - it's November 23, 2018. To be on the safe side, I type “” in the browser bar and press the Enter button. After a few seconds the loading symbol disappears. The YouTube logo pops up in front of me in bright red - so bright that it almost hurts my eyes. Like telling me "Ha! I'm not dead! ". Yes, YouTube is not dead. YouTube is still there. Phew

What is your plan B like?

But suppose the scenario I have described actually occurs, what happens to the YouTubers? We at GIGA GAMES spoke to YouTuber Rob Bubble and Rick and Steve from the SpaceFrogs (see picture above) and asked her about her personal plan B. When asked whether his “hut would burn” if YouTube suddenly ceased to exist, Rob answers us:

“The hut would, I would say, burn about a third. Right from the start I always had the mentality [not to put everything on one card]. [...] not only because YouTube could be gone overnight or because there is a single company from America that I rely on here [in Germany], but also because of them 15 minutes of celebrity yes, it can be over at any time and people may simply no longer be interested or the algorithm somehow changes and my content is no longer displayed or someone else comes who is much better, funnier and more beautiful than me and whom people then much prefer to watch . "

For this reason, from day one he tried himself too to position in other areas. Among other things, he is active as a presenter and actor, runs a podcast and is also active as a producer in his own company, which mainly produces content for television and YouTube. “I think if web video content or video content or Entertainment in general would be deadthen I would have a problem. But if YouTube disappears as a single platform, it would be a shame, but I wouldn't gnaw on my hunger, " so the assessment of the YouTuber.

By the way, SpaceFrogs and Robin Bubble were part of the charity stream “Loot for the World” this year. And we were able to look behind the scenes.

“Oh, we have a lot of contingency plans. Rick has a secret project that he doesn't want to talk about and is full of crazy ideas [...] ", Steve jokes at first and we don't really know if there is some truth behind it, but then they get more serious: "Well, if it were overnight [YouTube disappearing], it would be Of course a fuck, because we just live from itRick finally admits. He goes on to say:

“But we generally have to be aware that if we [produce questionable content] and the community suddenly breaks away, then we no longer make any money. If you are self-employed, you should always have an emergency plan, but we just don't hope that we'll have to use it overnight. And I don't think that's going to happen either. That would be a little unworldly.

Steve then notes that the two would otherwise have to use vitamin B instead of a plan B. "You know, if you've [...] been in the industry for a couple of years, you know a few people and I bet there are sure to be some who would catch you too"

SpaceFrogs also believe that YouTube is indispensable today: "It has completely replaced television among the youth"says Steve. Rick also notes: "It's not just television, YouTube is all sorts of things. You can also watch TV and still watch a cooking tutorial on YouTube. So if at some point YouTube is no longer there, there will be something else, which is just YouTube with a different name is. "

How do you envision the future of YouTube? Do you really think that Youtubers will have to fear for their job at some point if they don't have a plan B or do you see it like the SpaceFrogs that in the worst case another platform will replace YouTube? We look forward to your opinion in the comments.

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