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Logo: Android, Photo / Montage: teltarif.de Many external apps now offer users of smartphones, tablets and co. Tons of alternatives to the original SMS. While industry leaders such as WhatsApp or Telegram show the potential of this market with their user numbers of up to over a billion, Android also offers its own messenger service.

You can read here whether this is actually a veritable alternative to external short message services.

Availability and requirements

As the name suggests, the Messenger is available for Android and Google users. The software requirements vary depending on the device. The Messages app is available as a mobile application as well as for the desktop.

In contrast to messengers such as WhatsApp or Facbook Messenger, the messages in Google's Messenger are not sent over the Internet, but rather sent using the SMS protocol. The iMessage service from Apple is thus similar. Android Messages
Logo: Android, photo / montage: teltarif.de

The most important functions

Messages users can use most of the common chat functions that competitors such as WhatsApp and Co. already have in their portfolio. This includes GIFs, link previews and location notifications. Another interesting feature is the "Smart Reply", with which messenger users receive direct answers to simple questions.

For Android users, Messenger is a sophisticated free alternative to the standard SMS app that you can also use in the web client. The only difference between the application and the competition is the way it is sent using the SMS protocol. In terms of content, users experience no positive, but also no negative surprises.

Not all users can yet fall back on the RCS technology, which can be seen as the successor to SMS. Over time, however, all users should be able to fall back on it.

Delete Android messages

The messenger can only be used if it has been set as the standard app for sending SMS and MMS. As a result, the service can be disabled by making another application the default application. The app can then be deleted. A special account does not have to be deleted because the app works on the basis of the SIM card used and the number associated with it.

For smartphone users who have devices on which the Messages app is already pre-installed and automatically set as an application for SMS / MMS, there is also the option of installing an alternative application. Now that this has been made the standard messaging app, Messages cannot always be deleted, but can be deactivated without any problems.

Data protection

The partially used RCS technology, as the successor to the old SMS, is not automatically more secure than messages sent over the Internet. The only security risk here lies in the backup of the RCS configuration files and no longer in the encryption of Internet-based messages. In addition, the messages do not have end-to-end encryption, which seems very poor compared to the standards of most competitors.

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