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Request access to a customer's shop

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You can use guest accounts to access your customers' shops directly from your partner dashboard. With the help of guest accounts, you only get access to the areas of your shop that your customers give you access to. Guest accounts do not count towards the limit for employees in a shop. All shops that you have access to via a guest account are shown in your partner dashboard as Managed displayed.


You can only log in with a guest account via the site Shops Log into a shop in your partner dashboard. Because guest accounts don't have a password, you can't use them to sign in to a store using the Shopify app.

If you need to access a customer's store through the Shopify app, your customer will need to add an employee account with the appropriate account permissions for you.

Request access

If you need a guest account for a customer's shop, send a request to the shop owner via your partner dashboard. You can also send this article to your customer. It explains how guest accounts work.

If you already have an employee account for your customer's shop or you have been invited by the shop owner to activate an employee account (but have not yet activated it), your request for a guest account will prompt the shop owner to change your current account permissions update to match those of your guest account.

As an additional layer of security, merchants can set up a four-digit request code for external employees for their Shopify shop. If the code is set up for a shop, you will need to enter the code when requesting access as a guest. If you enter an incorrect code, an error will be displayed in the partner dashboard and your request will not be sent to the merchant.


  1. Click on your partner dashboard Shops.
  2. Click on Add a shop.
  3. Select in the area Type of shopManaged shop out.
  4. Enter the URL of the Shopify store you want to access.
  5. If the Shopify store requires an outside agent request code, enter the code.
  6. Select in the section Permissions the areas of the shop that you want to access or check the box next to Full access. The account owner can change these permissions after your account is created.
  7. If you want to send a message to the shop owner with your request, enter your text in the section Add a message a.
  8. Click on to save.

After you've submitted a request, the shop owner receives an email with the request and a notification on their Shopify home page.

Cancel a pending access request

If you've requested access to a shop but need to cancel the request, you can do so from the partner dashboard.


  1. Click on your partner dashboard Shops.
  2. Click next to the shop with the access request you want to cancel Cancel request.
  3. Click on Cancel access request.

View your managed shops

You can over the side Shops show the shops for which you have requested access in your partner dashboard. There is no limit to the number of managed stores you can have. However, a maximum of 10 outstanding requests can be open at any one time.

If your access to a shop has been removed, you can remove the shop from your list of shops by clicking Remove from list click.

Remove your access to a shop

If you no longer have to work on a customer's shop, you can remove your access to the shop. Removing your access will delete your guest account from the shop.

If you need to perform more tasks in the shop after removing access, you will need to request access to the customer's shop again.

After your access to a shop has been removed, you can remove the shop from your shop list by clicking on Remove from list click.


  1. Click in your partner dashboard Shops.
  2. Select the shop for which you want to remove your access from the list.
  3. click on Remove accessand then on Remove shop.