Sudafed is driving you crazy


Even if we are no longer 12 years old (... wait! ...), we still love profiles. Especially if we can use it to introduce our favorite authors to you. Today we leave the floor to Jay Kristoff, author of Nevernight The Trial.


My favourite band:

Oh there are many. At the moment I mainly listen to the British metalcore band “Architects”

My favorite book: 

W.o the wild things live by Maurice Sendak

My favorite movie:

The prince's bride or The thing from another world (by John Carpenter)

My favorite food:

Probably pizza. Terribly boring, I know: P

I am an expert on:

Ancient roman history. If you want to know anything, no matter what, about Julius Caesar's rule - I'll give you the answer.

If I were an animal:

I would probably be eaten by the next bigger one: D

If I were a number I would be: 11

Three things I would take to a desert island:

1. iPhone (with digital music and books)

2. A generator (so I can recharge my iPhone)

3. My wonderful wife (so that she can solve all our problems)

The most pointless thing I've ever bought:

A very expensive and stylish desk for my study. I've hardly ever sat and written on it. I usually do this comfortably on the sofa.

The strangest thing that ever happened to me:

During our last reading trip to the US for The Illuminae Files, the flu got me really cold. I was lying in my hotel room in New York, couldn't move a bit, but that evening we had this book signing in a book landing. My co-author Amie Kaufman got pseudoephedrine from somewhere to get me back on my feet. Now I'm about 2.05 m tall, a real closet, and in my maddened fever I just poured twice as much of the stuff into myself: Because a lot helps a lot, as is well known. So I got the reading over with - completely drunk from the cough syrup. It literally knocked my socks off.

If I weren't a writer I would be:

Very sad. So, thanks for reading! :)


Video: Jay explains the story of "Nevernight" to you