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Auna is a manufacturer of hi-fi equipment and entertainment technology. The German company is based in Berlin and is known for its good price and performance ratio. In addition to amplifiers, car radios, loudspeakers, systems, home theater systems, CD players and microphones, auna is also famous as a high-quality producer of karaoke systems.

Auna was founded under Chal-Tec GmbH and the products are sold under Electronic Star. In addition to auna, Chal-Tec GmbH has 12 other own brands belonging to this company. The auna company is responsible for development and design in Berlin, while production is carried out in Asia.

Founding history

Chal-Tec GmbH was founded in 2005 by the young Peter Chaljawski, born in 1986. Even as a teenager, he had dedicated himself to consumer electronics and, as a DJ, had a lot to do with consumer electronics. At that time he also had to realize that all loudspeakers and systems that were of good quality were extremely expensive. So the online shop Electronic Star was born out of many considerations as to how one could combine quality and good prices.

The young businessman's success couldn't have been better. His initial sales on ebay turned into a flourishing online shop and in the first financial year the company was in the black. The one-man operation has grown into a company that employs more than 350 people. If you are looking for karaoke systems on the Internet, you will immediately see an auna karaoke system in the top seats. The good ranking on Google and Co is no coincidence, because auna is one of the most popular brands for high-quality karaoke systems.

About the auna karaoke machines

The auna karaoke machines are diverse and there are great models that are already suitable for children. But the auna karaoke systems are also absolutely popular with professional karaoke singers and musicians. The auna karaoke machines impress with their well thought-out concept and of course the quality. With a karaoke machine, the customer receives a complete set and can immediately start singing from minute one. The systems are equipped with microphones and integrated amplifiers and speakers. Many of these auna karaoke machines do not have to be connected to a screen, as they have an integrated display. They are therefore the ideal karaoke machines for on the go and are a hit at every party.


The design of the auna karaoke machines is also absolutely convincing. The auna karaoke machines are designed to be extra stable and robust for children and also appeal to little singers. Whether in chic pink tones for little princesses or in stylish black and silver for teens, the design of the auna karaoke machines is absolutely convincing. Karaoke is more than just a substitute program for children's birthdays when it rains.

Special models

The tower speakers with integrated karaoke function, which are also available in all colors from white to pink and black to silver, are also an eye-catcher. The additional features and gadgets of the auna karaoke systems also speak for themselves. Whether it's trendy light show effects, an extra large display, Bluetooth function or LED disco lighting, the auna karaoke systems are always good for a surprise. First-class sound quality, adjustable microphones and speakers, an all-round good price and performance ratio and an enormous selection of different devices make auna one of the favorites among the providers of karaoke machines.

Children's karaoke machines from auna

Auna has designed the Rockpocket children's karaoke system for the smallest stars on stage. The SingSing portable karaoke system is ideal for on the go and an absolute highlight at garden parties. Whether HiTower karaoke tower speakers or other sophisticated karaoke systems such as the auna Disco Fever or the KA8B - V2 BK karaoke system, even professionals will be jealous with these devices. If you have the choice, you are spoiled for choice, but no matter which auna karaoke device you choose, you will always be positively surprised by the quality of the speakers and microphones.