There are famous autistic athletes

Are there any athletes with Asperger's Syndrome?


I don't know if I'm right now or if I'm a little mistaken. If so, feel free to "correct" me :)

From my point of view, every autistic person (with a few exceptions) has it more or less harder in life than the average, at least in terms of communication or a feeling for social situations.
For example, it is difficult for someone with autism to recognize facial expressions, use them, or both. Others can barely or not at all empathize with a person's feelings or do not understand many social situations. These are the examples that come to mind so spontaneously.

That being said, autism generally means "being different" from the average. And this "being different" is not always a positive thing in my opinion, because in some cases or often due to the supposedly "very special and strange nature" at all kinds of schools, high school centers, as well as work and training places, one bullies, shuns, ignores, not is taken seriously or even labeled as disabled / strange / below average in the social field etc. For me, at least, something like that happened more often in life.

Back to my actual question: Since this disease can be very different (no matter what form) and, roughly speaking, has also been divided into two main forms, namely early childhood autism (F84.0 - F84.1) and Asperger's syndrome , I would be really interested to know which form of this clinical picture usually makes life "more difficult" for a person, and why.

Question 2: Does an autism diagnosis depend on the person's IQ or is it the other way around?