How do guitarists write riffs

An essential part of the rock guitar are riffs, that is, catchy, recurring accompanying figures, which often make up the recognition value of a song.
Just think of the classics of the electric guitar repertoire like "Smoke On The Water" by Deep Purple, "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath or "Highway To Hell" by AC / DC. There are quite a few classical guitar riffs that are still played by countless guitarists around the world, even decades after it was invented.
But how do you invent your own guitar riffs? Is the creative composition of rock riffs only reserved for particularly talented and inspired exceptional musicians?
In this post, I'll show you seven ingredients of successful and good rock riffs that anyone can use to invent their own guitar riffs.

A while ago I was looking on YouTube for tutorial videos on writing, composing, or, as I always say, "tinkering" guitar riffs.
As a fan of classic, timeless rock songs, I was interested in finding a good riff to build a song on.

The result of my search turned out to be more sobering than expected: There are countless videos with the "100 best riffs of all time" and the like, but I couldn't find any really useful instructions for inventing your own riffs.

So I took matters into my own hands and tried to work out commonalities between good and decades-long guitar riffs.
The result is a list of seven tips that can help ambitious guitarists to compose their own rock riffs.

1st rhythm
Here you can find another video to improve your timing, i.e. your sense of rhythm.

2. Power chords
One of the biggest difficulties in playing the power chords with force is background noise. In this video you will learn how to get rid of these once and for all!

3. Pentatonic
How to internalize the pentatonic scale correctly, how to use it optimally and e.g. how to no longer get stuck in individual fingerboard positions, you will learn e.g. in my pentatonic workshop!

4. Chromatics
The whole guitar fingerboard is structured chromatically. What does that mean, what is that supposed to mean? HERE you learn the basics!

5. Triads
You can find out more about triads in my free course, where I dedicate a whole lesson to this topic!

6. Phrasing
The most typical electric guitar phrasing are bending, slide, hammer on and pull off. You can learn more about this topic in the pentatonic workshop.

7. Repetition of ideas

Of course, in the video I not only provide the theory, but also put my own tips into practice and construct a four-bar guitar riff.
Hopefully I can use it to motivate one or the other not only to act out, but also to get creative myself from time to time!

Watch the video on "7 tips for creative guitar riffs" here:

Alternatively, you can watch the video directly on YouTube:
Do you have any further tips, questions or comments on this topic?
Then leave me a comment below!

Do you want to learn more from me? Then take part in my completely free course "Play Better Without Practicing More? - 10 Tips Every Guitarist Should Know"! In it I'll tell you a few tricks I've learned over the years!

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