Can I make plastic bottles at home

PET bottles are perfect for creative upcycling. With a little imagination, true designer pieces or practical everyday objects can be conjured up from the drinking bottles. Stilpalast presents the most original ideas.

Newspaper holder

This cool newspaper holder creates order and also looks stylish.

Gift wrapping

Small gifts maintain friendship. In such packaging, they can be delivered particularly beautifully. You can find the DIY instructions here.

Jewelry stand

Chaos in the jewelry box? With this etagère, beautiful pieces can be arranged without any problems in the future. You can find the DIY instructions here.

Bird house

A practical bird feeder doesn't always have to be made of wood. The PET bottle is just as suitable. You can find the DIY instructions here.

Pet garden

Lettuce and herbs can also be grown vertically, as this impressive “city garden” shows. You can find the DIY instructions here.


The curtain made of PET floors strung together presents itself as light as a feather and wonderfully filigree.

Shade provider

This car shelter offers a shady spot thanks to the hanging plastic bottles.


At first glance, the chandelier seems to be made of glass. The PET bottles can only be guessed at when you look closely.


Relaxing is the order of the day on this extravagant lounger made from PET bottles.


Taper candles fit perfectly into the opening of a PET bottle. A self-made candle holder is ideal.

Luminous object

The design object made from 310 collected PET bottles has a diameter of almost one meter.

Restaurant design

In the “Morimoto” bar in New York you can marvel at a huge partition made of PET bottles.

Garden design

PET bottles can also be used to create pretty beds in a garden. Simply stick the bottle necks deep into the ground.

Image: Pinterest


Made into a chic wardrobe, the PET bottle offers space for scarfs & Co.

Plant decoration

A nice decoration idea for the house entrance: arrange the plants nicely in a PET bottle (cut a large opening on the front) and attach them to the wall with a wire.

Art object

With the right tools, true works of art can be created from the rigid material.

Fruit bowl

Light as a feather and unique: a self-made fruit bowl made of PET. You can find the DIY instructions here.

Indoor planter

Indoor plants with a difference: The plastic bottles filled with soil attract everyone's attention in the small room.


This artistically designed vase made of PET is very elegant.


As a seat, these PET bottles are given a second life.


The self-made PET pieces look particularly good if they are nicely arranged. You can find the DIY instructions here.

table lamp

When put in the right light, the bottles look cool and extraordinary. You can find the DIY instructions here.

Plant protection

PET packaging is ideal for transporting a plant.

Desk organizer

The small containers reliably store all sorts of odds and ends on the desk. You can find the DIY instructions here.

Room divider

The bottle partition separates, but thanks to its transparency it does not appear too heavy. You can find the DIY instructions here.

fairy lights

Filled with a Christmas light chain, different colored PET bottles are particularly attractive.

Cupcake case

As simple as it is simple: Cupcakes can be given away in a particularly original way in PET packaging. You can find the DIY instructions here.

Cactus art

Artist Veronika Richterová conjured up wonderful, easy-care cactus plants from the PET bottles.