Are there unsafe areas in Concepcion Chile

The country where Pablo Neruda was born is now an economic powerhouse in full growth. Santiago has turned into one of the great capitals of Latin America full of skyscrapers, noise and cars that remind us to top the list of the great and important cities of the American continent.

But Chile has a lot more to offer than just asphalt. When you get tired of the urban image, you will discover that Chile is full Natural areas which are worth a visit and which extend from north to south over the entire length of 4,270 km of the country - at only 445 km from west to east: Mountains and forestswho have favourited the mountain range of the To the marvel at from afar, such as the Cajón del Maipo, 150km from the capital, the Cobre de Loncha nature reserve, the Aculeo lagoon and Los Molles. Because of its mountains and the cold winter - from June to September - Chile is also a perfect destination for skiers and a country that has proven its class in viticulture. Don't forget to try it!

Now is the time to fly to Chile with Iberia. You will discover a fantastic country where the time difference from CET is -4 hours. The climate is very different, because not only the altitude leads to significant variations, but also the latitude, as the country extends from above the Tropic of Capricorn to the South Pole. In addition, the cold Humboldt Current causes falling temperatures along the country. The phenomenon "El Niño" with the southern component (ENSO) also regularly influences the climate in Chile. The Andes mountain range regulates the passage of air masses. In the north the country stands in the slipstream of the trade winds, while it is exposed to them in the south. The north is thus mainly subject to the influence of the intra-tropical convergence zone, the south to the southern polar front and the high pressure area of ​​the South Pacific.

If you take an Iberia flight to Chile, you will land at Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport (AMB) 3, also known as Santiago-Pudahuel Airport. It is the main airport in Chile and is located about 17 km west of the city of Santiago in the Pudahuel region, from which its early name, Pudahuel Airport, comes.

Santiago de Chile airport is one of the most modern in Latin America and has become a major hub for travel between South America and North America, Asia, Oceania and Europe.

As is usually the case anywhere in the world, the cheapest way to get to the city center from Santiago de Chile airport is to use public transport.

In this case, it is the bus, as the city's subway does not yet reach the airport directly.

There are two bus companies that operate the route between Santiago Airport and the city center: Centropuerto and TurBus.

Gastronomy in Chile is known for its carbonada, a winter dish that has a great tradition in Chilean cuisine. There are different versions of this dish in other Latin American countries. Here, in Chile, it is prepared with potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, beans and various spices along with chopped pieces of meat.

The country's official currency is the peso.

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