What are the latest fads

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Here are the current trends that are moving Germany:

Comfortable shoes instead of sore feet

No question about it, high heels are still a real eye-catcher, especially in summer. Nevertheless, a real sneaker culture has now developed in Germany. Sneakers are fashionably absolutely stylish and have become socially acceptable with almost any outfit. The comfortable sports shoes are no longer just suitable for training. They combine optimal comfort with fashionable chic. The selection of sneaker models has become so large that there is something for every taste. There are trend shoes from renowned sports brands as well as from shoe designers or off the rack.

In 2015, white sneakers in particular were a fashion accessory that should not be missing in any shoe cabinet. Every variant of the flat all-rounder is popular in 2016. 2016 will be the year of the flat shoes. The feet are guaranteed to enjoy this extremely comfortable fashion trend.

Tiny Houses: Coziness in the smallest of spaces

One trend that has spilled over to us from America is the so-called tiny houses. These are tiny residential units, similar to a caravan. The Tiny Houses are, however, far more innovative than the typical mobile homes, hundreds of which drive on our highways in the summer months. They are small architectural masterpieces and that is precisely why they are so incredibly popular.

Flooded with light and equipped with the highest level of living comfort, Tiny Houses are not only an interesting alternative for holidays. The current trend goes even further, making tiny houses popular as mini-sized homes. With an average of 8 to 10 square meters of living space, residents will find everything they need to live here. They are available as a construction trailer, as a tree house or as a houseboat. The tiny space miracles can take on almost any shape. Real Tolkien fans can, for example, plan a hobbit cave. There are almost no limits to the imagination. The everyday suitability of the mini residential units should, however, first be tested on vacation.

Live healthily with nature

Charles Darwin said:

"Everything that is against nature does not last in the long run."

Today he would find many supporters for this thesis, because nature is right on trend. More and more people swear by the healing powers of nature and give homeopathy a chance. Some of the successes that can be achieved with active ingredients from nature are impressive. One example is the use of black seed oil. The natural substance is said to have a supporting effect in the treatment of asthma, psoriasis and athlete's foot, flatulence, high blood pressure, urinary tract diseases, rheumatism and allergies. Numerous studies in the past have dealt with the beneficial effects of black seed oil and have received positive results.

But nature is not only trendy in the medical field. When it comes to nutrition, too, it is often said "Back to the roots", and that should be taken quite literally. More and more consumers value absolutely natural ingredients. Most foods that are naturally grown or obtained from nature not only taste great, they can also have a positive effect on our wellbeing. Feeling good with the power of nature is the motto that more and more people live by. Organic stores are booming and those who have the opportunity now prefer to buy directly from regional producers rather than in the supermarket. This trend is just as positive for local agriculture as it is for the ecological balance. Anyone who has now got an appetite for a bite of nature can find out more about which natural foods are particularly digestible and how they can develop their full potential in the kitchen at http://naturinstitut.info/.

With flower power into the port of marriage

The most beautiful trends have to do with marriage. Every year couples discover new creative ideas to make the most beautiful day of their lives stylish. This year the trend is very clear: flower power. Flowers have always been an important part of a wedding. The bridal bouquet, the flower decoration, the jewelry for the bridal vehicle - it just doesn't work without flowers. In 2016, however, it can be a little lavish.

This is especially true for the bridal bouquets. Huge bouquets with impressive flowers are all the rage this year. What the bride can still wear is allowed. Despite all the colorful opulence, the lush bouquets should be loose and airy so that they can fully develop their effect.

The hair accessories are just as flowery. The trend is moving away from the traditional veil. Wreaths of flowers take their place. They have something dreamily romantic about them and are therefore very popular for weddings. The colorful wreaths of hair should of course be coordinated with the bridal bouquet. With a little creativity, you can also create magical updos with the floral wreaths.