Why is deportation a bad thing?

Warm things and letters before the deportation flight to Kabul

Vordernberg / Vienna - A charter deportation pilot is scheduled to take off from Vienna for the Afghan capital Kabul on Tuesday - and this first group deportation since the beginning of the corona pandemic to the country plagued by civil war-like conditions is casting its shadows.

On Saturday, Afghans were brought to Vienna from the asylum center in Vordernberg, Styria, says Herbert Langthaler from the asylum coordination. In all likelihood, they are now waiting for departure in a Vienna police detention center. Such detention is possible for 72 hours.

Desperate refugee supervisor

An employee of a refugee care center, whose protégé had also already been brought to Vienna, was desperate on Monday. "I'm totally exhausted. In a tour de force on a partly icy road surface, I and my colleague managed to bring the prepared warm clothes and the farewell letter to the detention center 86 kilometers away before the bus left. Personal contact is strictly forbidden! But I very much hope they handed everything over to him, "he wrote.

According to reports, up to 59 Afghans from Austria are to be brought back to their original homeland on the flight paid for by the EU border protection agency Frontex and organized jointly with Sweden. The German NGO Pro Asyl, in turn, said that a group deportation from Germany to Kabul would also take place on Wednesday.

Reports of attack on Kabul airport

After - as yet unconfirmed - reports of a recent attack on the airport in Kabul, refugee supporters were unclear on Monday whether the plane would actually take off.

The Ministry of the Interior in Vienna kept a low profile over the flight. Charter repatriations are "neither announced in advance", verified or falsified, "especially since this would make any plans regarding the forced removal of people who have not voluntarily left Austria despite a legally binding negative decision and an obligation to leave Austria obsolete", it says in response to a request from the STANDARD.

38 individual deportations this year

Even if there has been no charter deportation from Austria since March, the removal of legally expelled Afghans has not been stopped even under Corona, it says in the mail. From January up to and including November there were 170 departures, 82 of them compulsory and 88 voluntary. The forced individual deportations involved 38 deportations to Afghanistan and 44 Dublin transfers to other EU countries. (Irene Brickner, December 14th, 2020)