Why are there hate groups

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One speaks of cyberbullying when bullies are carried out with the help of various media and for the most part in these media. It has the same intentions as direct bullying: someone is supposed to be beaten down, and that is how the bullies want to increase their power. Cyberbullying is a fairly new form of bullying. Every fifth student in Germany has already experienced something like this! Cyberbullying is even more common in other countries.

Almost all children and young people now lead this “false” = virtual life. There is - as in "real" life - bullied. The media that create the virtual space in the first place are used for this purpose: cell phones, the Internet, email and messenger programs. With their help you can:

  • riot in chats or divulge secrets,
  • Start rumors
  • Circulate embarrassing photos and videos
  • Utter insults
  • For example, found hate groups in online networks
  • Get a false identity and pretend to someone, for example that you are in love with him / her
  • Assuming or faking someone else's identity thereby deceiving or hurting others
  • Getting someone to do something forbidden
Cell phone sector explains: what exactly is cyberbullying?
Examples of cyberbullying

Corinna gave her boyfriend, with whom she was very much in love, a photo of herself in a bikini. Now the love is over, and the friend sends the photo to all acquaintances and publishes it in an internet community.

Simon wonders why everyone is suddenly avoiding him in the chat and why nobody wants to talk to him anymore. Until a friend tells him that it is claimed on the Internet that he is a Nazi. There is also a fake picture showing him at a demonstration by neo-Nazis.

EU spot "Stop Cyberbullying"