How do I become a winner

From loser to winner: 5 steps

The “winning gene”, as I call it, only has one in 100 men.

The other 99 are not necessarily losers, but they are followers or conformists or herd animals. Pick the term that suits you best.

So if you want to be a winner, you have to STOP letting yourself be guided. You have to become the leader yourself.

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But do winners only win over and over again? Of course not.

They even lose more often: the difference is that they do not perceive defeat (setbacks, missteps, etc.) as defeat, but only as the next and necessary step to success.

Losers fear losing - winners fear not trying.

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Let me summarize the 5 steps ...


From loser to winner


1) Go inside yourself & think about what you want.

I don't mean that you should sit around meditating on the floor, but that you really find out what you want in life, where your talents are and what visions you have.

Winners have great visions, i.e. they see their success long before it even exists. If you don't have visions, then you can wrap up and nothing will change for you.

Your plans, projects, and intentions should be huge and you should take every opportunity to bring them to life.

2) Take full responsibility.

No matter what low point you hit in your life, no matter how brutal it feels to fail and no matter what kind of blows of fate hit you.

You have to take responsibility for yourself and realize that no one else can free you from your situation but yourself. It should DISGUST you,

  • to make the hump crooked for others,
  • To receive instructions or orders,
  • to enrich others with your achievements without your having much of it.

Life can be tough and you face loads of challenges. You have only lost if you do not face these challenges and blame others.

3) Follow healthy habits.

Winners follow certain patterns and these patterns cannot be compared to those of the losers. Just as important as adopting healthy habits is abandoning harmful ones.

Many men have adopted patterns of behavior that ensure that they move further and further away from their self-determination and lead an existence that is determined by others for life.

If you want to become a decision maker yourself, you have to be radical in eradicating harmful habits (see 5 Habits That Can Change Everything for You).

4) Go for the best.

My friend: beware of impostors! People who just gossip and have nothing to show for success themselves must not only not be your role models, you should also consciously avoid them.

The truth is: the more experienced, better and better quality your environment is, the more and faster you will grow.

Follow those who perform sustainably and simply ignore saboteurs, gossips, pessimists and parasites.

5) Love yourself like no other.

You should realize

  • what a first class man you are
  • what huge possibilities you have and
  • how lucky you can be just to know you.

The awareness that you have a great personality who deserves appreciation and success is of vital importance for your goals and visions.

You only reap respect and unaffected appreciation if you give yourself both.


The author:Benjamin Lindner has made a name for himself as an author for self-confidence, success and masculinity in Germany. True to its motto "controversial, self-determined & sovereign", it is aimed at men who want to enjoy their life to the fullest. Click here for Ben's Youtube Podcasts. For quick contact is the Email newsletter the best option.