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How superglue to dry faster

With the right substances, a reactive adhesive

In general, cyanoacrylate can be described as a reactive substance, especially if it comes into contact with the appropriate reaction partner. If the superglue isn't drying, they can be just as helpful as reducing drying from seconds to fractions of a second.

How does superglue dry: The following aids allow superglue to dry faster to immediately:


Commercially available as a spray. Can be applied to the opposite adhesive surface smeared with the superglue and leads to immediate drying and hardening.

Baking powder / baking soda

Can be sprinkled on the adhesive surface and the superglue spread over it or vice versa. It may be advantageous to dilute the superglue, as it reacts better with the baking powder or baking soda with its thin viscosity.

Moist breath

Breathing on the joint while joining the joint can accelerate the drying process enormously.

Wood glue

White wood glue (€ 4.49 at Amazon *) can be mixed into the adhesive surface or pressed into the superglue with a syringe and cannula.


Moisture prevents unsightly edges and white spots at the glue point. Spit works a little better than normal water, which is presumably due to the pre-digestive enzymes it contains.


At the moment of sticking, air is a powerful aid to drying superglue faster. A fan or a jet of cold air from the hair dryer can help with the gluing process, but should be switched off immediately afterwards.

Unfavorable for the gluing process are solar radiation, outside temperatures and warming over thirty degrees Celsius, wet and dusty gluing surfaces, and joining materials with different temperatures.

If you use superglue frequently, it is a good idea to try the different methods and means on different materials in a test run. Make a note of the results with regard to speed, stiffness and visual appearance in your personal adhesive guide. When changing products, make sure that each superglue has a slightly different formulation, which can lead to different reaction behavior.

Author: Stephan Reporter

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