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Samsung Galaxy J1 smartphone review

The Galaxy J1 still uses the old design and can therefore be recognized as a Samsung smartphone at first glance. The corners of the polycarbonate housing are rounded, there is a chrome-colored stripe along the top and the central home button, which is flanked by the two Android touch buttons, is located below the display. Basically, the J1 does not differ from many more expensive Galaxy models, which is a compliment in view of the low price. The back can be removed and provides access to the exchangeable battery, the micro-SIM slot and the slot for a microSD card.

The comparison devices have a larger display, which of course is also noticeable in the dimensions. At only 122 grams, the Galaxy J1 is very comfortable to hold and the one-handed operation of the 4.3-inch screen works pretty well with normal-sized hands. The thickness of 8.8 millimeters is also very good in comparison, but the camera module protrudes slightly on the back. The compact dimensions also benefit the stability, because the smartphone cannot be twisted (no creaking noises) and pressure cannot damage the case much. The good quality impression is only affected a bit by the hardware buttons on the sides, as they sit quite loosely in the case. Nevertheless, the impression in this section, especially considering the low price, is very good.

In addition to the blue test model, Samsung also offers the Galaxy J1 in white and black.