How far can I expand my house

Extending the house and expanding the warehouse | Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Also in Animal Crossing: New Horizons you can of course enlarge your house by buying house extensions. The prices are getting higher and higher, so it will take a long time before your house is completely finished. In this guide we give you an overview of all house extensions and the bonuses they come with.

This is what your first house looks like in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Pay off the loan and expand your house

At the beginning of the game, Tom Nook gives you a tent that you have to pay off with miles. After you've done that, you need to talk to Tom Nook again and select “Home Advice”. Tom Nook will then get you a house that you can enter the next day. The raccoon charges you a loan of 98,000 sternis for the house.

Before you can think of new house extensions, you have to pay off the current loan. Go to the NookPortal and select "ATM". With “cash payment” you can either repay the whole loan or only part of it. Then talk to Tom Nook again and get advice on owning a home again in order to receive the next house extension, the credit of which is even higher. So the fun goes on until you have paid off the last house extension.

In our video we reveal a few cool tips - have a look!

Unlock all house extensions and expand the warehouse

If you expand your house and it gets bigger and bigger, you have more space inside for new furniture to let off steam creatively with the interior design. Your house also serves as a warehouse, so that the additional storage spaces of each house extension are particularly interesting. The following table summarizes all the important information for you.

House extensionsizeStorage placecredit
tent5x5 0 5,000 miles
House building6x6 80 98,000 sternis
Space is enlarged8x8 120 198,000 sternis
New room (back) is being builtadditionally 6x6 240 348,000 sternis
New room (left) is being builtadditionally 6x6 320 548,000 sternis
New room (right) is being builtadditionally 6x6 400 785,000 sternis
Attic is being builtadditional 10x6 800 1,248,000 sternis
Cellar is being builtadditional 10x6 1.600 2,498,000 sternis

What if all loans are paid off?

If you add up the numbers from the table, you will find that you need a total of 5,696,000 sternisto buy all house extensions and pay off your house in full. A hefty sum, but is there a reward for this tedious task?

Yes. If you manage to pay off your debts in full, from now on you can redesign your house at Tom Nook for free. It is understandable that your joy about it is probably rather modest. The option usually only costs 5,000 sternis - you don't exactly save a lot. Theoretically, you could refrain from paying off the last loan for almost 2.5 million sternis.

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