Where can I find a study partner?

How do I find companies and free study places?

You have decided to pursue a dual course of study - very well. But the decision to pursue a dual course of study is not enough. Now the exciting part of the preparation begins: the search for a suitable place to study. We'll help you find it!

The selection of companies and dual study places is large, the offers are diverse. In addition to the big names, many small and medium-sized companies also attract with their dual study programs. Of course, the reputation of global players is tempting and perhaps you are first looking for dual positions with well-known companies than with companies that you have never heard of or have not heard much about.

You can find the dual study places of the large companies quickly and easily using the search engines on the Internet. But that also means that everyone else who is interested will also discover these job offers. In the application process it can happen that you have a lot of competitors very quickly. So how do you find the smaller or lesser-known dual study programs?

We have put together tips for a successful search.

Contact point 1: Our study place exchange

The quickest and easiest way is to search via our study place exchange - Here companies and universities are specifically looking for applicants for free dual study places! Both well-known companies and smaller companies that are otherwise not so easy to find present themselves. You can easily filter by subject area, location or start of studies!

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Free dual study places by email?

Every Friday we will send you an overview of the new, free dual study places

Point of contact 2: Our database of universities and companies

Inour large databasewe list all universities that have dual study programs in their program, as well as more than 2,000 companies that offer dual study programs!

You can search for universities as well as companies. You have the option of filtering by subject area and defining the city or area. So if you really want to stay in your home country - no problem. If you are looking for a very specific dual study subject - no problem. With our database, finding a company or university is child's play.

Another plus point: We will introduce you to many universities and their dual study programs in detail. The same applies to companies: some employers introduce themselves here in detail.

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