What are the rarest credit cards

The most popular credit cards in the world

Gone are the days when a gold credit card or even a platinum card from American Express attracted envious glances. Today man only earns respect with elitist noble cards. And they are mostly black.

The Dubai First Royale Mastercard, the World Signia from Mastercard or the Centurion from American Express - they are among the crème de la crème of today's credit cards and are only available upon personal invitation from the credit institutions.

A high credit rating is a prerequisite

To the luxury credit card Centurion To get this, the annual turnover has to be in high six-digit regions. The card is made of platinum, there is virtually no credit limit. The annual turnover of the clients is over 500,000 euros. The annual fee of 2000 euros is hardly noticeable. Travel, luggage and hotel insurance are of course included, on top of which there is a personal concierge to whom the customer can approach any request. They book trips and private jets, get unusual gifts or book exclusive events. A well-used Platinum card ($ 250,000 per year) is a prerequisite for the Centurion. Around 2000 Germans are said to be in possession of this black luxury card. Also international celebrities like

Paul McCartney, Prince William, Rod Stewart, Cindy Crawford and the Egyptian billionaire Mohamed al Fayed are happy to present their magical prestige card.

Similar conditions apply to the World Signia from Mastercard. It is only issued by a few banks and savings banks worldwide. Anyone who has ever managed to own a World Signia can enjoy the highest levels of exclusivity, service and additional benefits. Access to airport and train station lounges, 24-hour concierge service, legal protection abroad, gift service, upgrades for rental cars and five-star hotels through to interpreter and chauffeur service are some of the benefits of the premium card. Of course, this is only intended for the elite of the top ten thousand.

24/7 concierge

Even the major Swiss bank UBS is splashing about when it comes to prestige cards and offers the UBS Excellence for an elite customer base.

This card can only be issued on the recommendation of a UBS client advisor. First-class and individual service is included. A 24-hour concierge service is eager to fulfill every request, no matter how absurd, be it the rare vintage champagne in the hotel room, the purchase of a private island or a ticket for a sold out U2 concert. Around 20 employees in Zurich are supposed to take care of the special needs of cardholders - 98 percent compliance rate!

Another luxury card is the VISA Infinite Credit card. The Kazakh Eurasian Bank even issued the card with a 0.2 gram diamond and a heart made of gold. Here, too, an annual salary of at least half a million euros is required. The VISA Infinite Concierge is also available to the owners around the clock. He books flights, arranges a game of golf in Dubai or Singapore or arranges special discounts in hotels or restaurants. The card is not available in Germany or the USA, but is offered to an elite customer base in Russia, Kuwait, Canada, China, the United Emirates and France. The French actor Gerard Depardieu is in possession of such a luxury credit card.

Exclusive bonus incentives: jaguar and fireworks

The previously known sales record comes from Geneva. An Arab bought jewelry for 4.5 million francs (around 4.3 million euros) at one time with his Centurion. Those who use their credit card vigorously receive key points at UBS Bank or membership reward points at American Express. A customer is said to have already financed a Jaguar at UBS Bank with his key points. An exclusive motorboat or a private fireworks display should also be part of the bonus incentives. It continues luxuriously with the Dubai First Royale Mastercard. It is one of the most pompous and exclusive credit cards in the world, but so far only available in the Middle East. It is set in gold and decorated with a diamond. A card for people who have absolutely no thoughts

to make their money - billionaires. This card should not have annual fees, since the business with the sales of the super-earners alone is so lucrative for the institute.

Another luxury card is the J.P. Morgan Palladium VISA Cardmade of palladium and 23 carat gold. The cardholder's name is engraved. It's only for J.P. Private bankers thought. It continues with the Coutts World Silk Card, mainly known in England, as well as the Citigroup Chairman Cardwhich is only intended for Citigroup brokers. All cards are of course awarded with the notorious benefits. When comparing credit cards, the big banks don't take anything.

Customer loyalty and marketing for the banks

Conclusion: The services and conditions of the various cards are very similar due to the relatively high competition among the institutes. However, it is questionable whether the expensive luxury credit cards will pay off for all credit institutions. The 24-hour concierge service alone is likely to cost a lot. The main aim here is to bind customers to the company and to polish up the institute's image. You can also find the premium cards in our photo show.

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