I could punch through a window

Bed under the window - the best place for a good night's sleep?

Make use of natural light and beautiful views

If you have a room with a spectacular view, you will probably want to enjoy it every morning when you wake up.Design experts however, do not recommend placing the bed directly opposite or below an east-facing window. The sunrise could have a negative effect on the quality of your sleep, especially in the summer months. Blackout curtains can help, but unfortunately also prevent you from looking outside. It is therefore best to position your bed at a slight distance from the window and at an indirect angle.

If your bedroom windows face north, south or west, nothing stands in the way of furnishing with a focus on the panoramic view.

Consider temperature and air quality

in theFeng Shui Sleeping below a window may be frowned upon, but sometimes the room climate does not allow any other solution. In less spacious bedrooms, for example, it makes a lot more sense to put your bed under a window than to block a radiator with it. Because the concealed heating loses its efficiency, which increases heating costs.

If you live in warm climates, we definitely recommend that you position your bed under the window. Because through improved air circulation, your body heat can escape during the night. Windows with tilting or sliding functions are particularly advantageous. The opening of the upper window section also promotes air circulation and, thanks to natural convection currents, ensures cooler room air.

The bed under the window as a design solution

It is not uncommon for windows to disturb the symmetry of a room. In these cases, a bed serves as a useful design element. Because if the piece of furniture is directly opposite the window, it creates an additional eye-catcher. This makes the room appear more open and balanced.

However, the setup is a bit more complicated if the window is in the middle. If you place your bed right underneath, the light may not get in optimally. There is also a risk of getting tangled in the curtains while sleeping. Opening and closing the window is also made more difficult. Nonetheless, it is possible to put a bed under the window in the limelight Choosing the right model makes a huge difference. A low frame ensures that neither the view nor the incidence of light suffer. The shape of the bed is also relevant. Adjust the dimensions and contours to the shape of the window to create a symmetrical look. Alternatively, we recommend a four-poster bed with curtains. In this way, you can do without curtains or blinds on the window itself.

In order for your bedroom to be visually impressive, the rest of the furnishings must of course be right. Hold on to theperfect bedside tableLook out to bring the bed and window into harmony. Matching cupboards and chests of drawers round off the interior design wonderfully. Would you also like to find the optimal installation location for your bed? Then don't concentrate on just one piece of furniture, but look at your bedroom as a whole. Harmonious interior design forms the basis for a good night's sleep.