Should a motorcyclist wear a helmet

Helmet compulsory on the motorcycle: Is it required by law?

No helmet or no proper helmet worn while driving15 €
Carried a child on a motorcycle who was not wearing a helmet60 €1
... with several children70 €1

Motorcyclists do not live without danger. In contrast to a car or a truck, there isn't much in a motorcycle that the driver can enjoy protect can. To be out and about on two wheels in traffic has a lot to offer Risks.

Safety first: whether in a curve or on wet or uneven road surfaces - motorcyclists have to be particularly careful in such situations. Especially because motorcyclists on the road more prone to accidents it is important Protective clothing to wear.

Because if it does happen to one Fall or even to one accidentcomes, neither airbags, bodywork or crumple zones can ensure that the motorcyclist is protected by his mobile pedestal. But is a motorcycle helmet actually mandatory?

The most important information about helmet requirements in the video

Out and about on the motorcycle: is it mandatory to wear a helmet?

The obligation to wear a helmet on a motorcycle is regulated by law in Germany. Under § 21a of the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) it is written that with motorcycles, the faster than 20 km / h can drive while driving helmet must be worn. That means that when riding a motorcycle one basic helmet requirement consists. Riding a motorcycle without a helmet can be one too punishment entail. Anyone who violates the statutory helmet requirement must come along Sanctions calculate.

Trike helmet compulsory: yes or no?

Does the helmet obligation also apply to Trike? That depends on whether Seat belts available. if so, helmets are not required. if not, you must also wear a hard hat here.

Helmet compulsory on the motorcycle in other countries

But what about the helmet requirement in other countries out? When traveling by motorcycle to another country, it should be noted that there may be other regulations apply with regard to compulsory helmets on the motorcycle.

In countries of the European Union helmets are compulsory almost everywhere. Before traveling to another country, you should always find out whether the Helmet compulsory applies when this ceases to exist and which Requirements for motorcycle helmets in the respective country.

Which regulations apply outside of the EU and especially in the biker country par excellence, theUnited States? Does motorcycle helmet compulsory also apply in the USA? There is no general answer to this question, because the USA consists of 50 states and the same rules do not apply everywhere with regard to the Helmet compulsory on the motorcycle.

The Route 66 performs alone eight different states. Before a motorcycle trip on the most famous Highway the USA, you should also find out about the Regulations of the respective states to inform.

Motorcycle helmet compulsory in the United States:

  • An unrestricted helmet requirement applies in 21 states the USA.
  • Only exists in three states no helmet requirement.
  • In all other countries, helmets are only mandatory up to a certain age. In most states it can from 18 or 21 Years without the safety helmet.

What is the penalty for riding a motorcycle without a helmet?

Usually riding a motorcycle without a helmet has a fine of 15 euro result. While wearing one improper Helms will face the same fine. For Passenger without helmet the same penalty is imposed on a motorcycle.

By the way, it is different with Children as passengers. If a child rides the motorcycle and does not wear a motorcycle helmet, you will have to pay a fine of 60 euro pay and receive an additional point in Flensburg.

FAQ: It is compulsory to wear a helmet on the motorcycle

Is it mandatory to wear a helmet on the motorcycle?

Yes, the StVO stipulates that a helmet must be worn on motorcycles.

Are there certain requirements that a helmet has to meet?

A helmet just has to be suitable. What exactly is considered suitable is not further specified. In principle, helmets that meet the ECE standard 22-05 or -04 can be rated as suitable head protection.