What are people's views on the burqa

Expertise Dossiers

The liberal social order applicable in Switzerland includes a far-reaching right to individual life. This includes, among other things, the freedom to choose clothing. Fundamental rights are not absolute. However, there must be good reasons and legal bases for their restriction.

In his essay, which is well worth reading, the lawyer Stefan Schlegel argues that the only question is whether it is legitimate for a majority to forbid a minority from voluntarily wearing a piece of clothing because the majority is irritated or outraged by this practice of the minority ". This “right not to be offended” has the “potential to narrow the protective effect of civil liberties to a range of generally accepted views and to exclude everything new, foreign, absurd, unusual, critical and especially everything radical from the protection of basic rights because it is human who are repulsed, outraged or irritated by these views ”. This line of argument opens the door to the decomposition of civil liberties. Freedom of expression is meaningless if it is not also freedom from outsiders, troublemakers and radicals. Quote: "The initiative against full veiling is not simply exaggerated or disproportionate, but directed directly against the functioning of civil liberties."