Are gold grills for your teeth

Tooth jewelry is a metal or stainless steel ornament that can be attached to the front of the teeth with the help of a special adhesive. Most of the time, dental jewelry is found naturally on the front teeth to beautify the smile. Tooth jewelry mostly consists of metals such as gold, silver or platinum. Since these materials are easy to process and are easily tolerated by humans, there are no limits to the design of tooth jewelery. The embellishments also vary from inexpensive rhinestones to expensive diamonds. There Tooth jewelry is always developed in such a way that it can be easily attached to the natural tooth surface, the smooth surfaces of metal jewelry or metal frames are particularly suitable. If, on the other hand, you only want to attach one gemstone, it must be ground smooth on the back. If you care for the attached tooth jewelery carefully and go to regular follow-up care, it can stick for several years.

How do you attach tooth jewelry?

The for Tooth jewelry The adhesive used has been used in other areas of dentistry for a long time and the application is of course painless. Composite is mostly used as an adhesive, which is also used for fillings and braces (multi-band technique, lingual technique). However, it must be noted that the tooth should be cleaned, polished and protected from caries with a fluoride-containing paste before the jewelry is attached. The tooth surface is then roughened with a weak acid so that the Tooth jewelry can be attached better afterwards with the adhesive. When exposed to light, i.e. with the help of a small special lamp, the adhesive is cured. After 5-10 minutes, the patient can leave the practice with a charming smile.

Are there different types of tooth jewelry?

There are currently four types Tooth jewelry common. There is for example Twinkles, which are very fine gold plates that can also be decorated with sapphires or rubies. The so-called BrilliAnce are first class gemstones, which resemble a diamond due to their shine. You can do one too Dazzler attach on the tooth. Dazzler are gold foils on which various shimmering motifs can be applied. On the other hand, if a patient wishes Tooth tattoo, then small pictures are stuck on his tooth.

Are Tooth Jewelry Harmful?

Generally one can say that Tooth jewelry is not harmful. However, if oral hygiene is neglected, it can happen then tooth decay builds up on the edges of the Tooth jewelry forms and this attacks the tooth enamel. Therefore it is on the one hand for the preservation Tooth jewelry and it is important for the health of your teeth to brush your teeth regularly. Sometimes patients also report that the tooth has become sensitive after attaching the jewelry. However, that rarely happens. But should problems arise from the Tooth jewelry caused, you can simply have it removed again. After the beautification has been sanded off, the tooth is polished again and strengthened with fluoride gel.

The dental practice for the Leipzig region

Would you like to smile with you too Tooth jewelry beautify? We are happy to help! In our dental practice, the focus is on the patient and their individual care, so that we can maintain healthy teeth and thus their aesthetics and functionality. Since we want to convince with extensive knowledge and a relaxing atmosphere, it is a matter of course for us to inform the dentist patients exactly about the treatment process and to clarify open questions with them. So that all of Leipzig has access to a dental service that is unique of its kind, you will find us at two locations. You can find us once in Gohlis and at the Plagwitz site.

In addition to the basic services such as prophylaxis and professional tooth cleaning, our dental practice team includes specialists in anterior tooth aesthetics. Since our motto is “everything from a single source” and we are well aware of the importance of dental aesthetics, we are very proud of our dental laboratory, because something like this is rarely found -to offer package of dentistry. Thus, one of our specialist areas is the production of individual dentures, crowns and bridges. This also includes the placement of implants by our specialists. We can also offer our practice patients the following: Since we work closely with a physiotherapist in our dental practice, we can treat problems with the temporomandibular joints gently and easily.