How many pints are in 1 gallon

English volume units

In the English-speaking part of the world it is common to use the old units instead of liters.

This system of units is not impractical and deserves to be given a page of its own. The basic measure of this system of units is the gallon (gallon). As is customary with ancient units of measurement, there were many local variants of the gallon and two units have survived to this day. The British gallon (imperial gallon) is a little more than four and a half liters. The American gallon holds about 3.8 liters significantly less.

The units derived from the gallon are simply called a quarter gallon quart, and an eighth of a gallon that pint (pronounced Peint). So if you are invited for a pint of beer (beer, ale, stout), you will get a little less in America and a little more than half a liter in Great Britain. A quart is a little more or less than a liter. (Incidentally, the name quark of the elementary particle is probably related to the unit quart.)

liquid ounce

Pharmacies and perfumeries aren't that interested in pints and gallons. You need a smaller measure here. The liquid ounce (fluid ounce) contains a little more than 28 ml in the United Kingdom and a little less than 30 ml in America. Twenty British fluid ounces are thus one British pint. In America, on the other hand, you only need sixteen fluid ounces for a pint. So at least the liquid ounce in America is bigger.

The barrel

In international trade, even the gallon is too small a unit. Here you work with standard barrels. In the UK there are 36 gallons on a barrel that holds almost 164 liters. The American barrel is only about 119 liters, or 31.5 gallons. However, these dimensions do not relate to petroleum. The oil barrel, the blue barrel, holds almost 159 liters and is equivalent to 42 American and almost exactly 35 British gallons. So this is where the two systems meet.

Overview of the English volume units

  • A gallon holds 4.54 liters (Great Britain) or 3.78 liters (America).
  • A quart is a quarter gallon.
  • A pint is an eighth of a gallon.
  • A British barrel are 36 gallons.
  • An American one barrel are 31.5 gallons.
  • A blue barrel for crude oil it is 42 american gallons or 35 british gallons.
  • A Register bin are 100 cubic feet

There is also a page for converting these and other volume units.

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