Every ecommerce should blog

Does my online shop need a blog? 2 x 5 reasons that speak for and against

What is a blog

Let's start with the basic knowledge, or the general question: What is a blog

A blog, used to be also called weblog, is a digital medium that is primarily used by Text and image elements is controlled. But also other formats like Videos, infographics and audio contributions can be easily integrated into a blog.

Ultimately, it is important that this is dynamic content acts that are repeatedly replaced by new posts in the newsfeed principle. In contrast to the rest of your shop or your website, a blog is not static, but "always in motion" - provided, of course, that you maintain it regularly and always add new content.

What should I blog about?

If you are fundamentally interested in blogging in the e-commerce sector, then you have probably asked yourself what to write about in the first place.

First of all: Thoughts like “I have nothing to report anyway” or “Everything is already on the Internet.” Are completely normal and can be recorded as typical doubts. It is important that you don't let this scare you off and instead believe that your voice needs to be heard too.

Who one Integrate blog in online shop would like to be allowed to think about thematically lots of freedom looking forward. In order to give you a few suggestions, you will find one here List of typical and popular blog topics for online shops.

  • "Backstage": Insights into the everyday life of an online retailer, introducing the team, reporting on company events, etc.

  • Actions: Discounts, sales, etc.

  • Products: What do we sell in our shop and how can you use it? (e.g. recipe ideas, outfit inspirations, etc.)

  • other / general topics: Content that (in the broadest sense) has something to do with your products (for example "everything to do with dogs" if you sell dog accessories in the shop)

Of course, the topics for your shop blog don't just fall out of thin air. But once you start to look a little deeper into it, your creativity will soon be gushing. Use for example regular brainstorming sessionsto collect many different topic ideas, which you can then implement step by step (or even discard).

5 reasons that speak for a blog in the online shop

There are many reasons to be best start blogging right away. At this point we would like to introduce you in detail to those that are particularly relevant for online shop owners.

Reason # 1: Blogging is basically free

Yes, it's true: blogging costs time and time is known to be money. But apart from that, it is basically free to run a blog.

As an online shop operator, you can generally look forward to the fact that the technical basis (with domain, web space, hoster, etc.) already exists and you often only have to activate a corresponding plugin. Not only is it incredibly fast, it also saves a lot of money.

Reason # 2: You create content for social media

Do you have the problem that you never know exactly what to post on Facebook and Co.? A separate blog for your online shop could be the solution - after all, the content published here is ideal for them Dissemination via social media.

Nice side effect: if you manage to to produce good content with added value (a claim that every blogger should have), then these are guaranteed to be spread by other users. This in turn means that your blog - and ultimately your online shop - gets even more attention.

Reason # 3: There are no creative limits

Online retailers who blog for their shop often do so for their own sake To present products in a relaxed and also unconventional setting. To put it in a nutshell: There are no limits to creativity!

As part of your preparation, take a look at successful blogs in e-commerce and let the different ways of implementation to inspire.

Here are a few suggestions:

Reason # 4: Search engines love blogs

Of course one is allowed to Blog is not understood as an SEO panacea or anything like that become. But if you want to deal with the topic of search engine optimization, an appropriate format can be used no harm in any case.

A blog in the online shop is a great way to

  • To accommodate (longtail) keywords

  • integrate different content formats (images, YouTube videos, etc.)

  • increase the relevance of your website

  • publish dynamic content

Reason # 5: You are entering into a customer dialogue

Market research instrument, customer service, communication medium - a blog in e-commerce is that ideal channel to start a dialogue with your readers and potential customers. Make sure you use this opportunity cleverly and, above all, actively - because hardly anything is as unattractive as a blog without interaction.

5 reasons that speak against a blog in the online shop

Like everything in life, the subject of “blogs in e-commerce” is of course a coin with two sides. In addition to the reasons that speak for it, there are also some that seem rather daunting.

Reason # 1: Blog takes time

If you do that Approach blog project professionally and for the long term right from the start (which we expressly recommend at this point), then you have to plan a correspondingly large amount of time. Because anyone who thinks that high-quality blog posts are written "on their own" or "on the side" is very wrong.

A blog takes time - not to say: a lot of time. We cannot and do not want to gloss over this fact. After all, you should know what you are getting yourself into.

Reason # 2: Not everyone likes writing

Just type a few words together and quickly add a stock photo? Anyone who blogs already knows: Of course, it is not that simple. Even if blogging often seems like child's play to outsiders, there is one behind it demanding task that is not suitable for everyone.

If you have problems expressing yourself in writing, you will probably soon reach your limits.

Our tip: Get professional help on board - for example in the form of a copywriter.

Reason # 3: Blogs are NOT a form of advertising

At this point we want to dispel a widespread misconception: blogs - whether in the context of your online shop or another project - are no classic advertising measures and should not be understood as such.

Of course it is fundamental possible to generate new customers in this way. But you should never use the (popular) error do and turn into a barker. Those who constantly only advertise their own products and at the same time the completely loses sight of quality content, shouldn't be surprised if nobody reads the blog.

Reason # 4: No strategy - no success

Professional blogging is more demanding than you might think. It's not just about delivering good content with added value, but also, for example, about:

  • a clear target group definition

  • an exact target group address

  • the focus and achievement of a goal

Or in other words: who not a blog strategy is being developed no long-term success either have with this medium. If this seems too strenuous and time-consuming for you, you should stay away from blogging.

Reason # 5: Short-term successes are out of the question

As laborious as the squirrel feeds, so tedious is also the Build a readership for your blog. If you are expecting a quick breakthrough and hope that your blog will bring umpteen new customers out of nowhere tomorrow, we will unfortunately have to disappoint you.

Blogging is always one long-term measure. That means: You will only be able to reap the fruits of success (e.g. more traffic, more awareness, more sales, etc.) after a certain period of time.

Until then, the motto is: Exercise patience.

Conclusion: if you don't dare, you won't win

It is uncertain whether your online store absolutely needs a blog.

The fact is, however, that it doesn't get any worse as a result. Especially with regard to the Search engine optimization and the so-called Content marketing you can only win with a (good) blog.

When you are ready, appropriate Resources like time, creativity and possibly some money If you are involved in this project, you can definitely look forward to exciting developments.

But never forget: It takes a certain amount of time before an e-commerce blog is fully effective.