Which philosophy courses are available online?

Online lectures: All subjects and universities!

over 700 lecture recordings is already available in our search portal (here you can search all lectures directly).

You can do it by subject and filter language and thus take part in high-quality university lectures online for free.

Here we give you a brief overview of which lectures are available!

This is how an online lecture works

It's easy:

  • The original lecture by a professor will be recorded by video.
  • You can watch this online, even if you are not a student.
  • A series of lectures consists of around 10-20 videos (one semester).
  • You can do the lectures anytime at your own pace look at.
  • Exams and certificates are there not possible (Exception: special online courses).

The lectures by subject area

Important: This is all about them live recorded lectures from universities.All other courses are in our directory!

  • Most of the online lectures are in the Computer science. Computer science students take digital knowledge transfer for granted. The topics range from theoretical concepts to complete programming courses. (all computer science lectures)
  • Also in the Business administration there is a wide range of lecture videos. In addition to the basics of business administration, specialist areas are also available, from production to sales and controlling. In economics there are individual lectures on micro and macroeconomics. (all business administration / economics lectures)
  • Math and statistics is another subject with over 50 online lecture series. In addition to the basics of math (analysis, algebra), advanced topics are also available here. There are also various introductory lectures in statistics. (all math / statistics lectures)
  • There is also an interesting selection of lectures in the area history. Not all epochs are available in video format here. The existing lectures are all the more valuable - from the Greeks and Romans to the Middle Ages to selected topics of modern times. (all history lectures)
  • Note law and medicine: There are also individual lecture recordings here. For a comprehensive learning outcome, however, the video courses specially produced for online learning are often better suited (see Law / Medicine).
  • All further subjects with online lectures can be found in our course directory.

To make your choice a little easier, we have one each for the popular fields of computer science, business administration and history Preselection Created from particularly interesting lectures.

An example: Online lecture by the University of Magdeburg on philosophy:

What is the difference to online courses and MOOCs?

Video lectures will be recorded live and put on the Internet.

MOOCs (massive open online courses) and other Online courses on the other hand become special for learning on the internet produced.

  • Interaction: While the online lectures only allow one-sided knowledge transfer, MOOCs have discussion forums for participants and lecturers.
  • Exams: Online courses offer the opportunity to review what you have learned in short tests and quizzes online.
  • Certificates: Optional course certificates can be booked for most MOOCs. ("What do the online certificates bring?")
  • Costs: While the lectures are always free of charge, some online courses may incur costs, for example for optionally booked certificates ("How to find the best free courses")

Whole course series of approx. 4-6 individual MOOCs are also becoming more and more widespread. In this way, quite extensive knowledge can be acquired on special subject areas.

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Can you also study online?

The Fernuni Hagen is the largest university in Germany in terms of the number of students. Often, in distance learning, learning is not yet done online, but with paper scripts.

However, some distance universities already offer one complete online study With academic degree at.

Learn with modern online materials and video lectures.

An overview of the "real" online universities can be found here.

The most active universities on the internet

The greatest number at lectures comes from the universities in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich (LMU) and Tübingen.

The universities in Darmstadt, Erlangen-Nürnberg and Clausthal are also active. There is also a manageable number from Karlsruhe, Bremen, Bonn and Hanover.

In the Quality of the offers (Picture, sound, slides, structure) there are clear differences. Smaller universities (such as the TU Clausthal) can also score points here with their offers.

There are also high-quality video offers from international universities. US universities such as MIT and Yale are pioneers.

Why do universities even offer lectures online?

A Berlin physics lecturer vividly describes in an interview why he makes his lectures available on the Internet (and these have already been accessed over 65,000 times).

And who as Professor or university lecturer If you are interested in your own internet lectures, you can find further information here: What should professors consider?