Why isn't Amazon buying Radio Shack

Bankruptcy over the stationary US electronics markets

On Friday, Radio Shack also filed for bankruptcy, making it the largest chain of electronics stores with over 4,000 branches. Best Buy comes in just under half, with Radio Shack, in contrast to Best Buy, operating rather small areas and formats.

However, this is just another decline of a brick and mortar electronics brand. Other brands such as Circuit City (bankruptcy 2008), Good Guys (taken over in 2003 by CompUSA, this in turn bankruptcy 2012) or from the related branch TowerRecords (bankruptcy 2004) or Virgin MegaStores (all stores worldwide have been closed with a few exceptions in recent years) .

All well-known names that have disappeared from the scene and all have in common because they had no chance against online retail in particular or digitalization in general.

Their online platforms could hardly achieve anything either, because they were viewed / operated in isolation and did not offer any cross-channel services. Or, to put it simply, customers saw no added value in not ordering their electronic goods from a pure online shop.

How will a media market, a mobile zone and others be able to hold their own in our latitudes? The above-mentioned US industries had a similar market dominance in relation to each other.

With Radio Shack, an icon is saying goodbye. Most recently, there was even talk of Amazon, which should take over the Radio Shack branches. It should be a rumor. On the other hand, that would have been 4,000 logistics hubs, because Amazon would probably never invest in effective stationary retail.

The hedge fund Standard General will now take over a little more than half of the branches. Meanwhile, Silicon Valley is indulging in nostalgia, as Wired magazine headlines "How RadioShack Helped Build Silicon Valley". And Radio Shack would like to thank them politely.

@WIRED Thanks for your support! We are still here, fighting for RS. Glad so many have fund memories with us, hope to make many more. -LM

- RadioShack (@RadioShack) February 6, 2015


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