What is the collective word for vegetables

Nouns that only appear in the singular (singular tantum)

Some nouns have no plural, they only appear in the singular. The Latin term for these words is singularetantum (plural: singulariatantum).

Frequently occurring Singulariatum are z. E.g. the fruit, the vegetables, the meat, the milk, the leaves, the rain, the snow, the cattle, the hay, the gold, the silver, ..

Likewise, many abstract terms are singular: the cold, the warmth, the heat, the youth, the old age, the calm, the noise, the anger, the hunger, the thirst, the fame, the respect, ...

Certain nominalizations are also singular:

a.) with the neutral definite article the nominalized infinitives: walking, swimming, drinking, laughing, thinking, ..

b.) with the neutral definite article the nominalized adjectives: the good, the bad, the English, the German, ..

c.) Many nominalizations of adjectives with -heit and -ness: health, illness, nausea, darkness, brightness,

For some singular tantums, a plural can be expressed by forming a compound or by counting words.

Examples: counting words
the meat - the meatpieces, Fleshsorts
the milk - two liter Milk / two Bottles milk
vegetables - vegetablessorts
the fruit - the fruitsorts
the gold - three goldpieces / three goldbars
cattle - a hundred pieces cattle
the hay - ten hayclench

Singular vs. non-countable nouns

The singular tantum has to be distinguished from the non-countable nouns, which are mostly used in the singular but have a plural with a different meaning.

Example: uncountable noun
the money - the monies (also: funds)
Singular: I don't have one money.
Plural: The government provides the health system with new ones Funds to disposal.
(= Money from different sources)

For non-countable nouns see chapter: non-countable nouns]

And of course there are also plural words (Pluraliatantum), which I have described here: Nouns that only occur in the plural (Pluraliatantum)

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