What's your favorite pen refill

The uma Mine - A Never Ending Story

Our aim is to create a “favorite writer” out of every uma writing instrument. An essential part of this is the ballpoint pen centerpiece - the uma refill. So that you can write your favorite ballpoint pen even longer in the future, you can now buy the popular uma refills.

All uma models are characterized by the easy refill change option. A refill that has been written empty can be easily and uncomplicatedly replaced by a new refill and the writing instrument can continue to be used. This not only serves the fact that the advertising message can be communicated for even longer, but we also make a decisive contribution to environmental protection.

uma standard refills

uma tech® - our proven quality refill

Our uma Tech® Refills have long been considered a proven choice when it comes to quality, long-lasting writing. They are characterized by a rich and consistently expressive typeface - quality that you can rely on. Uma Tech® Mine - the perfect combination of technology and the pleasure of writing.

uma FlowMotion® - write what it promises!

With uma FlowMotion® we offer a refill that writes what it promises: The interaction of the lead tip, lead ball and the perfectly composed writing paste create an unforgettable writing experience. Writing has never been more elegant: Glide gently over the paper and arouse pure emotions with your handwriting - uma FlowMotion®.

The uma rollerball leads - literally slide over the paper

Rollerball leads are characterized by a particularly even and fluid typeface. The subjective feeling of writing is just as elegant: rollerball leads give your personal handwriting a light and gentle touch. With the uma high-class rollerball refill, you can rely on writing quality that could hardly be more pleasant.

uma cartridge roller system

The uma cartridge roller system is the innovative basis for new rollerball writing instruments in premium quality. Thanks to its specially developed, low-wear ball point, it scores with an unprecedented longevity and works on the principle of the fountain pen and can be refilled with standard ink cartridges. The writing tip with TC ball (0.7 mm) is used again and again and not thrown away. Writing instruments equipped with the uma cartridge roller system are not only very economical, but also particularly environmentally friendly.

Our jumbo and extra class refills - perfectly adapted to your needs

The refill of a writing instrument doesn't just have to match the shape. Writing habits can also be different. At uma you get a wide range of options: In addition to the classic uma Tech® With the uma Jumbo and Extra Class Refill, we offer further high-quality refills with writing lengths of 2,000 to 10,000 meters.

uma special mines

Suitable for the very special line

With the uma special refills, we offer you not only other writing properties but also other refill shapes that enable you to write in special formats. Here, too, you do not have to forego the usual uma writing comfort.