What is Samsung Flow

Samsung Flow connects smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, PCs and smartwatches

Hans-Christian Dirscherl

With Samsung Flow, Samsung has provided a free service with which activities can be continued without interruption across different devices and data can be exchanged conveniently. There is currently a catch, however.

EnlargeSamsung Flow connects smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, PCs and smartwatches. In theory. Because currently Flow only works with some Samsung androids.

Continue applications across devices at any time

Samsung Flow is Samsung's answer to Apple Continuity: With the app, an activity can be continued on different Android devices. The user can interrupt the activity at any time and continue after a break on the device of his choice.

For example, you can start reading a website on your smartphone and continue reading directly on the larger tablet as soon as you have it at hand. And exactly at the point to which you scrolled the website on your smartphone. The same thing works with a film that you first watch on your smartphone and then continue without interruption on your tablet.

Or you start a video call on your tablet and continue it on your smartphone while you are out and about, because you have to break out and leave the apartment.

Or you can quickly check a presentation on your smartphone while on the move and then edit it immediately on the PC when you arrive at the office. And exactly at the point where you left off on your smartphone when you were out and about. A photo that is sent to you by email and received on your smartphone can also be edited immediately on the tablet.

Navigation data can be conveniently determined on the tablet or smartphone and then sent to the smartwatch. And let yourself be guided by this. And of course the smartwatch reminds the wearer to charge the empty smartphone battery. If a TV set is also connected to Samsung Flow, one of the TVs signals an incoming phone call on the smartphone. Which one then accepts on the television.

The “passing on” of the content and activities takes place via the Flow app, which runs from Android 4.4. In a selection menu, it shows all devices connected via flow, from which you can choose. In order for Flow to work, the devices involved must be switched on. Because it is a peer-to-peer technology, the forwarded data and activities are not stored on a server, as Samsung emphasizes. Data is exchanged via Bluetooth and WLAN, so the devices involved must be relatively close to one another. So that other Android apps can be used via Flow, they must support Flow. This is currently the case for Youtube, Google Maps, Soundcloud and yelp or Twitter, for example, as you can read here.


First of all, Samsung Flow is only available for Android devices - specifically: Android smartphones and an Android tablet - so the integration of PCs, wearables and smart TVs is still a long way off. And the supported androids are again only Samsung devices.

Samsung Flow is currently available as a public beta for the following Samsung Android devices on Google Play.
* Galaxy S5, S6, S6 Edge
* Galaxy Alpha
* Note 4, Note Edge
* Galaxy Tab S