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SINS: The rescue plan for the “unicorn” has been launched

SINS: The rescue plan for the “unicorn” has been launched

Einhorn Sins AG acquired the village and cultural meeting point at the roundabout in December 2016: the Einhorn restaurant. This with the aim of continuing it in its current form. Chairman of the Board of Directors Jules Bittel reports on the concept and investments.

When the Einhorn restaurant in the center of Sins went up for sale last year, there was an uproar among the population. It was clear that if the building in need of renovation only fell into the hands of a real estate speculator, it would be lost and with it a cultural center for the community. The restaurant with a concert and event hall, which has been run by landlord Stefano Florida for 22 years, is a popular meeting place for the village clubs.

A group of Ur-Sinsers and friends of the “unicorn” therefore made the decision to keep the institution and founded the Einhorn Sins AG. One of the main initiators and the current Chairman of the Board of Directors is Jules Bittel, who grew up in Sins and lives in the village with his family. "We founded Immobilien AG with 36 shareholders from Sins, the Oberfreiamt and even from Zug and Lucerne." There are people interested in culture and people who are primarily interested in maintaining the traditional building. «In the last ten years, some buildings have disappeared from the village center that might also have been worth preserving. The unicorn shouldn't go away too. " In addition to Jules Bittel himself, Hugo Hofstetter, Marius Huwiler and Pius Vogel form the board of directors. 640 shares with a nominal value of CHF 2,000 each were issued. This corresponds to a share capital of 1.28 million francs. The community of Sins is not a shareholder, but has a loan of 200 000 francs granted. A mortgage over 600 000 francs was also raised.

"We are very happy with this solution," emphasizes councilor Yvonne Notter-Hertlein. "If the 'unicorn' hadn't been able to continue in this form, it would have been a great loss for the whole village." The previous owners Kätty and Hansruedi Stauffer were also keen to keep the business. "There were buyers who would have paid more," says Bittel. "But the Stauffer couple put a lot of trust in us and gave us the contract." The landlord Stefano Florida, who knows the building and its weaknesses well, was there from the start. The purchase agreement was signed on December 16, 2016.

All apartments, shops and the restaurant will continue to be operated autonomously in the future. «The landlord is responsible for renting out the hall. The operational business is entirely up to him, ”explains Bittel. Florida actually wanted to give up in the summer of 2017, but decided to continue operations for three years. «He supports the cultural events. In return, we keep the rent burden so low that he can offer moderate room rents. " But the fact remains that cultural events are much less profitable for the host than business banquets, for example.

100000 francs are invested

“Thanks to the municipal loan, we were able to start the urgently needed renovations immediately,” reports Bittel. In the first year already 100 000 francs invested. The new owners try to preserve the character of the building. During the company holidays during the summer, the hall floor and the restaurant floors are renovated, the windows renewed, fittings on doors replaced and various painting work carried out. «It rained in certain places. We must now lose no more time so that the substance of the building is preserved. " The 60-year-old goods lift will also have to be replaced soon. In a second step, you will have to devote yourself to the heating system and electrical installations. Occasionally, it will also be the turn of the kitchen. "It may be necessary to change the space for the tradespeople and to renovate the rental apartments." In order for the financial means to be sufficient, the shareholders want to forego a dividend for the time being. “In addition, the board of directors works on a voluntary basis,” clarifies Bittel.

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