What happened to the Palm Pre

.: zefanjas :.

A lot has happened to the Palm Pre since my last post. The rumor that Palm should be sold exclusively by Vodafone was denied again. But that's not so important at first. The main thing is that it hits the market as soon as possible - and there are enough rumors. February 15th is currently in circulation as a possible release date, but I personally think that is unlikely.

The main point of the last news is the patents. Apple and Palm are two companies that both hold many patents. Engadget took a closer look at these two companies in connection with their patents and discovered a lot of interesting things. The best thing to do is to take a look at the article, which also contains videos. The conclusion of the article is that both infringe the patents of the other company in some way. The question that remains in the end: Who will shoot the other first? The authors think: We’d say the first shot’s going to come from Cupertino!

I would like to briefly show an example where Apple infringes a Palm patent:

The numbers mean (510: speed dial, 520 phone application, 530 contacts, 540 call history). So and now the iPhone:

One can see the "similarity" very easily. But the quick search for contacts based on their initials is a Palm patent and a feature that I like to use on my Palm Treo 650. Apple thought that this feature is practical:

The next few weeks will be exciting. I hope that Palm and Apple will come to an agreement and sit down together at the table and each pay the other's licenses. In any case, I will continue to report. It's a shame that there is no German Palm Pre / webOS blog, at least I haven't discovered it yet.