What is the hardening of the Air Force Base?

Federal Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sport

Extension of the service life of the F / A-18 combat aircraft

Investments: 450 million francs
Implementation: 2018–2022
Service life: until 2030

In order to secure the airspace in the long term, the Federal Council wants to procure new combat aircraft with the armaments program 2022. The new aircraft are to be delivered gradually from the mid-2020s. The fleet will be operational around 2030.

The aim of extending the service life is to certify the F / A-18 to 6000 flight hours per aircraft so that the fleet can continue to fly until the introduction of the new combat aircraft is completed in 2030. The F / A-18 is currently certified for 5000 flight hours. The jets will reach these flight hours and thus the end of their technical useful life earlier than originally planned by 2025 at the latest. In addition to the aircraft structure, the measures also affect subsystems and components, the operation and maintenance of which are increasingly problematic, as well as the modernization of the subsystems for deployment and training and the radar guided weapons and avionics. Radar missiles are being procured to extend operational effectiveness. In the areas of communication, navigation and identification, components will be replaced or renewed in order to ensure interoperability by 2030. A new night vision device integrated in the helmet is intended to significantly improve the overview in the dark.

Dossier protection of the airspace

Preservation of the value of the integrated radio intelligence and transmission system

Investments: 175 million francs
Procurement: 2018-2022
Service life: until 2035

The integrated radio intelligence and transmission system (Ifass) acquired in 2005 consists of various components such as sensor systems, effector systems and a system infrastructure for data exchange. It enables the army to investigate, localize and, if necessary, disrupt wireless communication in its area of ​​operation. In addition, the system provides information for management and is actively used for air surveillance and reconnaissance of the electromagnetic area. The further use of the system requires the following measures: Sections of Ifass must be adapted, updated and modernized in the course of the switch from analog to digital communication. Hardware components and parts of the infrastructure that have reached the end of their use must be replaced. With the preservation of value, the acquisition, identification and location of signals should be expanded to a larger area of ​​use and adapted to the latest state of the art. Together, the planned measures will ensure that large amounts of data will be recorded, processed and evaluated as automatically as possible in the future. The protection of personal data is guaranteed.

Use of the entire Ifass system is planned until 2035. For this purpose, additional measures will be necessary later, since both commercial and Ifass-specific components with different service lives are used.

IT components for the VBS in the campus data center

Investment: 50 million francs
Procurement: 2018-2021
Service life: until 2027

The federal ICT strategy provides for a network of data centers with nationwide planning of expansion projects. The data centers, which are now reaching their performance limits, are to be combined in a network of four geographically distributed data centers. Two of them should meet special protection requirements (fully protected), one should achieve a partially protected standard and one should remain a civil data center.

With the real estate program VBS 2016, the construction of the partially protected data center Campus was decided. This is now to be equipped with ICT components and integrated into the data center network. This means that today's known needs such as standardization, needs orientation, automation and dynamic allocation of computing and storage capacities can be covered, and sustainability and crisis resistance can be guaranteed. The data center is to be used by the federal administration and the army. With this armaments program, the DDPS is applying for its share of the ICT equipment in the data center.

Dossier Real Estate Program VBS 2016


Investments: 225 million francs
Procurement: 2018-2024
Service life: up to 2044 or 20 years per type of ammunition

Since the turn of the millennium, the readiness of the army has been lowered several times. The ammunition stocks were also reduced accordingly. With the implementation of the further development of the army from 2018, readiness is to be increased again. Up to 35,000 members of the army should be able to be mobilized within 10 days. A higher willingness needs higher stocks. This also includes ammunition. Today's ammunition stocks are too small. They would be used up after only a short period of use. The army could only fulfill its mission for a few days if deployed accordingly. The army needs ammunition for training and operations. The need for training is called ordinary need. The general credit for training ammunition and ammunition management (AMB) is used for these purchases. The extraordinary pent-up demand arose from the deep ammunition stocks for the missions. In addition, the existing 12.7 mm machine gun ammunition must be replaced and disposed of over the next 10 years due to its age because it no longer meets the requirements for safety and effectiveness. The 12 cm arrow cartridge 98 tracer for the battle tank 87 Leopard must also be overhauled due to age.

The present armaments program is intended to cover the extraordinary pent-up demand for 5.6 mm rifle cartridges 90, 12.7 mm machine gun ammunition and 12 cm arrow cartridges 98 tracer for the battle tank 87 Leopard. The specifications for the ammunition to be procured are known. Procurement can therefore be initiated quickly. However, it lasts for several years and would come too late shortly before an assignment. The extraordinary ammunition procurement ensures that sufficient ammunition is available again and that the army is ready to go.