Which is better GTA5 or Watch Dogs

Watch dogs

TestBenjamin Kratschetested on PlayStation 4

“Watch Dogs”, the eagerly awaited hit for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC in the mega test. Is Ubisoft Montreal making the impossible possible and robbing the genre kings of Rockstar Games of their crown? Can hack mechanics, tactical shootouts and excellently written characters knock “GTA 5” from the throne and does Chicago feel as vital and real as Los Santos? We'll find out. "Watch Dogs - Mega-Review". Including PS4 screens and PC pictures in 4k !!!

It's one of those rainy nights in Chicago's Watch Dogs. Only a few isolated strollers stroll along the sidewalk and stop in shock when they see the corpse of a security in front of a heavy iron fence. Damn it, the guy saw me, I had to act, now he's there. The passers-by will soon be calling the cops, I'll step in and have to trimmer their smartphones. Another will see it and dial 911. Only what to do when a mission goes wrong Once the cops get in, I have quite a problem because the Chicago Police Department doesn't hesitate. They open fire immediately and chase me until I'm out of their pursuit radius. But for that I would have to leave my place of work here, the heavily guarded cTOS data center.

But wait, there is an intersection with a traffic light over there. I look up, press the square button on the Playstation 4 controller and then it crashes. The driver of a sinfully expensive Pagani Huayra has obviously come out of the curve with too much speed, he crashes head-on into a fire engine, is thrown upwards and smashes a limousine. The super sports car catches fire, the flames burn through its outer skin and also ignite the ladder vehicle. A woman who obviously hurries on the gas and wants to disappear accidentally rams the fire truck and gives it the rest: the explosion makes half the street wobble, the smoke blazes out of the vehicles. On the PC it looks really crisp with ultra settings (see screenshot below on the page), on the Playstation 4 it is only slightly above "GTA 5" level. In general, the technology of "Watch Dogs" is nice to look at, especially less important characters like police officers seem a bit sharper textured, but overall this is not a graphic dream like "Killzone: Shadow Fall" or "" Tomb Raider "here on the Playstation 4. But back to our diversionary maneuver. That worked, the passers-by walk around like confused chickens and are no longer interested in the corpse, but only in the inferno in their neighborhood. Well, sorry, it wasn't on purpose. But in the big “Watch Dogs” test it's just fun to be angry.