How long do mate salmon live


Salmon are fish. They grow up to 1.50 meters long and weigh 35 kg, and their menu includes crabs and smaller fish. Most salmon live in the North Atlantic and North Pacific, but also in the rivers around these seas. Salmon are migratory fish: they are born in rivers, after a few years they swim into the sea as young salmon and come back to the river in which they hatched to lay their eggs.

Salmon in danger

Up until about 150 years ago there were still large schools of salmon in Germany's rivers. But we humans hunted the fish, began to build their hiking trails with locks and hydropower plants, and dumped chemicals from large factories into the water. In 1950, the salmon was completely eradicated in Germany. For some years now, there have been various resettlement projects and now even a few salmon find their way into the sea - and back into our rivers - even without human help. In order for there to be even more, the water quality of the rivers in Germany would have to improve and obstacles to migration would have to be removed.

The salmon on our plates

Salmon is one of the most popular food fish. The salmon that we can buy in the supermarket, however, mostly does not come from the wild, but is bred especially for us humans - for example in Norway or Chile. Hundreds of thousands of salmon cavort in salmon rearing tanks.

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