What food causes wrinkles

Skin Food: If you eat this, you will get fewer wrinkles

We have an army of jars and pots to fight wrinkles. There are moisturizers and eye creams, lotions, masks and not to forget the super trendy serums. We think we're perfectly equipped. And ask us why our skin looks pale and tired despite the care.

The answer is literally in front of us, more precisely: on our plate. Because whether our skin looks youthful also depends to a large extent on what we eat. It is not for nothing that the eternally young-looking stars like Jessica Alba or Gwyneth Paltrow swear by the Clean Eating Diet, i.e. a healthy diet free of artificial ingredients, added sugar and gluten.

But you don't have to cut everything that tastes good from your menu to do something good for your skin and to plump it up from the inside out. It helps if you eat ready-made meals less often and instead have anti-aging food on your plate. Here are eight foods that help prevent wrinkles:

#1. Oat flakes for strong connective tissue

According to experts, silicon is THE trace element for skin, hair and nails. Why? The older we get, the more the silicon content decreases - this means: The elasticity of our skin decreases and the formation of age spots and wrinkles is favored.

Those who consume enough silicon through their diet can clearly achieve an anti-aging effect.

Good silicon suppliers are, for example, oat flakes. They also bring a good portion of zinc, which is responsible for the formation of collagen and thus also contributes to the rejuvenation process of the skin.

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# 2. Tomatoes as natural sun protection

Tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin A and lycopene - two ingredients that act like a protective filter on our skin and protect it from UV rays. A study carried out at the University of Düsseldorf showed that people who regularly eat tomatoes or tomato paste reduce their susceptibility to sunburn. Tomatoes and their valuable ingredients therefore have an anti-aging effect.

Important: You shouldn't do without a protective sun cream in summer despite regular tomato snacks. Beauty professionals swear by protecting the skin EVERY day, whether summer or winter, with a sun protection factor cream or an SPF make-up. This should effectively prevent wrinkles.

# 3. Avocado for a fresh glow

Thanks to their good fats, avocados help to keep the cholesterol level in check, which has a positive effect on our cardiovascular system.

The second great effect is that its effect is also noticeable in our skin. Your fats act on the cells in our body and thus ensure a youthful, fresh glow.

# 4. Coconut against wrinkles

Have you ever noticed that more and more cosmetic products contain coconut? The reason: Coconut is rich in kinetin - an effective anti-aging substance for our skin.

Incidentally, the most valuable ingredients are not found in the high-fat coconut milk, but in healthy coconut water. Drunk regularly, it is said to fight harmful free radicals.

# 5. Berries for elastic skin

Speaking of free radicals: If you want to declare war on the destructive molecules that accelerate our skin aging, you should put a good portion of antioxidants on your menu every day. They are your direct opponent and protect our cells. Berries such as blueberries, currants or blackberries are excellent sources of antioxidants.

Tip: The darker the berries, the better. For example, a glass of elderberry juice provides the same protection as around 14 glasses of red grape juice or 55 (!) Glasses of apple juice.

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# 6. Walnuts as a natural moisture boost

Carbohydrates and fats are essential for a healthy diet. Not only do they provide us with the energy we need, fats are also necessary for the absorption of various vitamins. For example, we can only utilize vitamin A from carrots with the help of fat.

But not all fat is good. You should focus on foods with unsaturated fatty acids in your diet. Walnuts are great there. They are true omega-3 boosters, rich in protein and alpha-linolenic acids. They support our skin in repairing minor damage more quickly and in slowing down skin aging.

# 7. Green tea for a great complexion

It is not for nothing that many top models swear by green tea. Green tea should not only lower our cholesterol level and have a positive effect on our blood pressure. The healthy alternative to coffee should also make our skin look firmer.

Why is that? The contained caffeine dehydrates and makes the skin appear plumper.

Tip: You can also use green tea as a shine enhancer for your hair. Simply brew, let cool down briefly and then pour over your hair after washing.

Which is also important

A healthy and balanced diet, combined with the right care products, can help rejuvenate the skin. But all effort is in vain if you don't change your lifestyle. This is especially true for those of us who smoke, drink alcohol regularly, or sleep little. All of these factors are killer for the skin and it thanks you for it with dullness and wrinkles.

Special dietary supplements are also supposed to support the healthy appearance and growth of our hair and nails.

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