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Bavarian State Government presents scientific reports on psychotechnics


On December 5th, 2002, the expertise “Effects and Risks of Unconventional Psychological and Social Techniques” prepared on behalf of the Bavarian State Government will be available in bookshops. The scientist Prof. Dr. Heinrich Küfner (IFT, Institute for Therapy Research, Munich), Prof. Dr. Norbert Nedopil (Psychiatric Clinic of the LMU Munich) and Prof. Dr. Heinz Schöch (Institute for the Entire Criminal Law Studies of the LMU Munich) has set itself the goal of examining the methods and structures ("psychotechnics") with regard to their effects and risks, which are mainly used in the commercially oriented life assistance market. As an example, the psycho company Scientology and the psycho provider Landmark Education were examined, and in comparison - as a control group - the inpatient treatment of drug addicts was observed and evaluated.

The study sees itself as an interdisciplinary study that builds on interviews that were conducted with a wide variety of experts from the drop-out and consultant scene as well as with drop-outs or those affected. Furthermore, the primary literature of the respective organizations was evaluated, whereby the Scientology organization did not show itself to be cooperative. The legal part dealt with the question of the extent to which criminal offenses can occur and whether supporters can assert civil claims against the organizations.

With regard to the legal qualification, two criminal offenses could be identified as relevant, namely coercion (e.g. through threat of exclusion from the organization) and fraud (e.g. through promises of healing that cannot (or cannot) be kept), whereby this relevance is limited especially true of the Scientology organization.

The expertise is suitable for initiating and deepening the scientific debate that we have been calling for for years. The comparison of Scientology with Landmark Education, as it is presented here, can lead to the fact that the interested reader perceives the problems associated with Landmark less clearly, but the overall assessment, in particular with regard to Scientology, can only be agreed by experts : The identified risks and dangers coincide with our many years of experience. It is therefore to be hoped that the scientifically founded knowledge presented here will find expression in politics and society and that all efforts can be slowed down which downplay the dangers emanating from Scientology.

The press conference at Ludwig Maximilians University again showed how Scientology deals with people, positions and opinions that do not correspond to its own view of the world. With questions that are actually only statements, as well as secretly distributed leaflets, attempts are made to create a mood and people who hold a different conviction are discredited. The threat of interim injunctions against the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior, against the authors and against the publisher are now common practice.

Axel Seegers

October 2nd, 2014: Since the report “Effects and Risks of Unconventional Psychological and Social Techniques” is unfortunately out of print in the meantime, we are making it available as an excerpt as a pdf.