Being a massage therapist is a good career

Your ultimate guide to massage training

Massages are pure happiness for tense bodies and stressed minds. Many people swear by the little time-out when they are on vacation, or regularly treat themselves to a massage for holistic relaxation. They are your clients when you decide to work as a masseuse or massage therapist.

In this article we summarize for you what your everyday life as a masseur would look like, what you need to know as a masseuse and what you should consider when choosing your massage training.

What does a massage do?

Massages have many positive effects on the body: they can reduce stress and lower the pulse. The blood circulation is promoted and in turn the skin is better supplied with nutrients. Massage can relieve muscle tension. Even the self-healing powers and the metabolism are stimulated by an expert massage.

The classic massage is located in the wellness area. So it causes the well-being of your customer to be increased.

How can I learn to massage?

If you want to massage professionally, you usually need professional and well-founded massage training. It is offered in a wide variety of formats - everything is included, from face-to-face courses to online seminars and training at vocational schools.

In addition, there are various massage courses and training courses in which you can learn the most important massage techniques for partner massage or massaging as a hobby. They are a good place to start for you to see if you enjoy massaging and if you could think of it as a career too.

The Academy for Sport and Health offers compact massage training over two days. It takes place on the weekend so that you can also become a masseur while you work.

Which massage training should I do?

The selected massage training must primarily suit you and your circumstances. So the best thing to think about is: When do you have time to study? Do you dare to spend the week studying in the evenings after your normal job? Or do you prefer to complete your training at the weekend? Which costs for the training are okay for you and how long, in your experience, will you stay motivated and on the ball? This already gives you a lot of indications as to whether a compact course or an apprenticeship with a longer duration is more suitable for you.

It is also always helpful if you take a closer look at the various providers: Is the school respected, does the institute really offer the highest quality? A reputable provider will not surprise you with hidden costs in the small print.

Take a look at social media too. Often you will find experience reports, reviews and recommendations from other masseurs who share impressions from their training.

What content is taught in the massage training?

During their training, budding masseurs learn everything about the basics of wellness massage and its effects. There are also practical units on various massage techniques, massage handles and massage accessories.

The Academy for Sport and Health allows theory and practice to flow equally into its massage training. As a participant, you will learn everything you need to know about the anatomy of the back, the shoulder and neck area as well as the arms and hands in the theoretical part. You will also take a close look at the anatomy of the abdomen, cleavage, face and legs and feet in the course. You will then put all theoretical units to the practical test. In this way, you will experience and practice the optimal sequence of a massage and professional grips in your training.

How long does a massage training take?

The time required depends on which type of teaching you choose - online seminar, compact course or full-time training. Here the differences are big depending on the educational provider.

The massage training at the Academy for Sport and Health lasts two days and comprises 16 teaching units. That means you can do it within a weekend. You will also receive extensive teaching material so that you can always refresh your knowledge afterwards.

Is the massage training possible on a part-time basis?

Absolutely! The ASG offers apprenticeships that you can take part-time. If you work in shifts, you can attend the compact training with just two days of vacation.

Can I do the massage training on the weekend?

Yes, you can complete the massage training at the Academy for Sport and Health within a weekend. Because it only lasts two days with a total of 16 teaching units. You will also receive extensive teaching material so that you can always refresh your knowledge afterwards.

What does a massage training cost?

The massage training at the Academy for Sport and Health costs 259 euros. It is an all-inclusive price: course documents, examination fees and a certificate in German and English are already included.

The prices for massage training vary greatly depending on the institution and the scope of the training. We recommend that you carefully compare the websites of the various providers. Above all, make sure that you have no hidden costs: Often you should pay extra for the teaching material or pay an additional examination fee. So find out exactly what the price for the massage training includes - and what does not.

Where can I do a massage training?

The Academy for Sport and Health currently offers massage training at around 20 locations across Germany. Below you will find an overview of the training locations by federal state. Or find out up-to-date information about locations and dates on the massage training page.

There are many other providers nationwide and internationally who have massage training in their portfolio. You will find a large selection of masseur training courses, especially in metropolitan areas such as Berlin, Cologne or Stuttgart.

Is the massage training recognized?

The training to become a masseur is officially recognized if it has been completed over 2.5 years at a vocational school. A well-trained masseur can, however, offer their services on the private market without any state approval. It is important that the training meets high quality standards. So, before you decide on an apprenticeship, check whether the provider can show recognition or has a seal of approval.

The training courses of the ASG are recognized by various institutions, associations and facilities. In order to guarantee the highest quality, we undergo regular audits by the well-known and independent testing organization TÜV Süd. In 2019, FOCUS MONEY drew us in the Germany test as Top institute for vocational training out.

Are there any prerequisites for the massage training?

The only requirement to participate in the massage training at the Academy for Sport and Health is a minimum age of 16 years. We also recommend that you are interested in the anatomy of the human body and enjoy direct customer contact.

Some educational institutions require a secondary school diploma or first professional experience for training as a masseur.

Is there an exam for massage training?

Most (part-time) training formats do not include an examination. We also do not check you separately at the Academy for Sport and Health. In the practical units of the training, our experienced lecturers therefore pay particular attention to the fact that you perform all the grips and massage techniques correctly, and improve yourself if necessary. At the end, you will receive an industry-wide recognized certificate for successful participation.

Massage therapists or massage practitioners who opt for a multi-year training course ultimately pass the IHK examination to become a state-approved masseur.

How long is the massage certificate valid?

The massage certificate of the Academy for Sport and Health is valid indefinitely. We assume that a successful masseuse and a committed masseur are interested in regular further training and stay up-to-date on all aspects of massage.

By the way, you should definitely consider the validity of the certificate when choosing your massage training: Because every training institute is entitled to determine and limit the validity of its licenses and certificates. After the specified period has expired, a repeat seminar is often necessary in order to extend the license. In some cases, renewed fees apply for the renewal.

What does a masseur earn?

Public service masseurs are paid according to the collective agreement (TVöD) and the corresponding pay table. Your gross income is usually around 2300 euros per month (source:

In the salaried employment relationship, the salaries differ extremely, depending on the employer. However, there is also the tip of the customers, which masseurs are usually allowed to keep to themselves. And you don't have to pay tax on tips.

All that remains is to set up a business: self-employed masseurs set their own prices for the massage. Depending on what you are offering, you can achieve a significantly higher hourly fee. Of course, they also bear the entrepreneurial risk themselves.

The salary you can earn as a masseur ultimately depends heavily on how many years you've been in the job. With increasing professional experience, the salary also increases.

Where do masseurs work?

Well-trained masseurs find employment in massage practices, fitness studios, baths and saunas. But health centers, old people's homes and rehabilitation facilities are also looking for specialist staff.

With a wellness massage training you have many career opportunities. Because massages are so universally used today, you can work with spa customers, athletes and generally health-conscious clients. And if you think a little around the corner: every luxury hotel and every cruise ship offers massages these days. Perhaps you would like to combine your dream job with traveling and see the world while massaging?

How can I start my own business as a masseur?

You can obtain the relevant information on business registration for your location from your city or local authority. Your responsible tax office will support you with all the information you need when setting up your company.

Many masseurs strive for independence and dream of their own massage practice, a freelance activity - for example in a wellness facility - or a mobile massage service. After the massage training you can be one of them.

What additional qualifications are there in the area of ​​massage?

In the area of ​​massage, you can take advanced courses on certain massage techniques, e.g. B. for foot reflexology. Or you can train yourself by getting to know new areas, such as special sports massage. So you can specialize in a variety of topics or deepen your know-how.

If you need the title of "massage therapist" for your dream job, you can look forward to several years of training with an examination by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

What is the difference between training as a wellness masseur and massage training?

Both trainings convey the basic techniques of massage. Because the general term "massage" includes wellness massage, the Academy for Sport and Health does not differentiate between wellness massage training and massage training. Accordingly, there is no difference to the wellness masseur. Find out more here: Wellness massage training.

What is the difference to medical massage?

In the case of a medical massage, there is a clear medical indication for the treatment to be carried out. In other words, massage is used to restore mobility, for example after injuries or operations. The area that is blocked, dislocated or otherwise diseased is massaged. Therefore, medical massages can actually be painful and not necessarily pleasant for the client.

Medical massages deepen the classic massage knowledge and may therefore only be performed by medical specialists, e.g. physiotherapists and medical pool attendants. They are usually prescribed by doctors by prescription.

A massage that focuses on the wellness area is clearly differentiated from a medical massage: It aims at the well-being of customers who want to treat themselves to some relaxation.

More information about massage training

If you are toying with the idea of ​​completing the massage training, you can find more information on our website: Massage training. There you can also see all the venues and the training dates.

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