Do you meditate when you are flying

How does the “Current Run” function work?

“Current Run” records the number of days you meditated on consecutive days.

Here is a breakdown of how your "Current Run" is counted:

  1. The streak increases by 1 for each exercise you complete within 24 hours of your previous exercise.
  2. Any exercises completed within an 8 hour period will only count as one completed day for your current run.
  3. If you have completed more than one exercise in a day and they are more than 8 hours apart, your “Current Run” counts the two completed sessions as 2 days.

As long as you meditate every day, your counter should keep going up after each completed exercise. Changing course shouldn't affect your current run as long as you continue to meditate daily.

Here are a few ways in which your “Current Run” can be reset:

  1. If a little more than a day has passed since you completed your last exercise (over 24 hours), your “Current Run” is in danger of being reset to zero.
  2. When you put your device in "Airplane Mode" for an extended period of time or when you are flying between time zones.
  3. You may have had a technical problem and were unable to complete your daily meditation.

If you think your “Current Run” has been erroneously reset to 0, send us a message [email protected] and let us know what the number should be. We can update it for you.