What makes your body slim

Fat killers: foods that make you slim!

Table of Contents

  1. Coffee for the metabolism
  2. Water increases the consumption of calories
  3. Green tea for burning fat
  4. Slimming chilli
  5. Buttermilk makes you slim
  6. Legumes against cravings
  7. Lamb as a slimming agent
  8. A source of protein from the Harz cheese
  9. Grapefruit

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Fat killer 1: coffee for the metabolism

Coffee is a real one Fat killers: is calorie-free and stimulates the circulation. The blood vessels expand, the heartbeat becomes faster and the organs are better supplied with blood. More fatty acids get into the circulation and are broken down. The caffeine in coffee makes breathing faster.

The substance also has a diuretic effect, which means that we have to go to the toilet more often. Overall, coffee boosts the metabolism, best when drunk without milk and sugar.

Fat killer 2: water increases the consumption of calories

Water is also a fat killer. Sounds unbelievable, but it was proven about six years ago by the Institute for Food Research. Test participants drank half a liter of water at room temperature, after which the energy expenditure increased by 30 percent for half an hour.

The assumption: water stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, which regulates the metabolism. In addition, water fills the stomach and one is more likely to be full. The trick only works with still water.

Fatkiller 3: Green tea for burning fat

There are many polyphenols in tea. These secondary plant substances improve fat utilization in the body and thus increase fat burning. In addition, green tea does not contain any calories.

Fatkiller 4: Slimming Chili

Scharfer Fettkiler: Chili contains the active ingredient capsaicin. This stimulates the metabolism and increases the body temperature. Additional calories are lost in the process.

Fatkiller 5: Buttermilk makes you slim

Researchers in Canada found that calcium can help with weight loss. There is a lot of calcium in buttermilk, but little fat. The milk only has around 35 calories per 100 milliliters, but it makes you feel full for a relatively long time.

Fatkiller 6: Legumes against cravings

The strength of lenses & Co. is only slowly broken down and keeps the blood sugar level constant. Legumes keep you full for a long time - cravings are prevented.

Fat killer 7: lamb as a slimming agent

Lamb contains protein and L-carnitine. And it is precisely this vitamin-like substance that makes meat a fat killer: It promotes free fatty acids into the cell interior, where they are burned. If the body has enough L-carnitine, fat burning increases by a whopping 15 percent.

Fettkiller 8: a source of protein from the Harz cheese

Harz cheese is rich in protein and particularly low in fat - there is only one percent fat in the spicy cheese. The cheese also provides a lot of calcium. And that helps with fat loss.

Fat killer 9: grapefruits

There are many bitter substances in the fruit that make grapefruit a little fat killer. The bitter substances lead fat directly to the places where it is burned in the body. This way, they prevent the fat from building up on the hips and stomach.

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