Boys can wear a Kotex pad

More freedom with breathable silicone nursing pads

So far you have used absorbent nursing pads, which however have the disadvantage that they are visible through finer clothing. You would like to do without these for your thin summer dress or for a festive occasion, but you are concerned that breast milk will drip out of your breast. The ARDO LilyPadz could offer a good alternative.

How do the ARDO LilyPadz work?

The breathable silicone breastfeeding pads exert constant pressure on your nipple and this prevents the flow of milk. Oxytocin is the hormone that is responsible, among other things, for the flow of breast milk. The gentle pressure on the nipple reduces its release. The ARDO LilyPadz are breathable and adhesive due to microscopic pores. If the pressure increases due to the increasing amount of breast milk in your breast towards the next breastfeeding meal, the nipple will stand up again and the milk will begin to flow. Then the pads can slowly loosen. This is a natural protective function of your breast to prevent milk congestion.

You can find an instruction video here.

When can the ARDO LilyPadz be used?

In the first 2 weeks of your baby's life, milk production is programmed and the nipples are usually still very sensitive. For this reason, silicone breastfeeding pads should not be used during this period. Up to the 12th week of life there can always be changing amounts of breast milk, which can also lead to high pressure in your breast. During this time, your baby often completes very closely spaced growth and development spurts, which are responsible for the changes in the amount of breast milk. If there is a lot of breast milk on offer at times, because your baby has breastfed very often days before, the length of time you can wear the ARDO LilyPadz will be shortened accordingly . The nipples must be intact to avoid infection.

An important prerequisite for the functional use of the ARDO LilyPadz is the length of your nipple. If you have a very flat nipple shape, the silicone pad cannot provide enough pressure on the nipple so that the pad does not work properly, milk can flow and the silicone pad slipping.

What are the ARDO LilyPadz suitable for?

  • thin summer dresses
  • festive clothing
  • Job and temporal separation from the baby
  • Sports, e.g. swimming
  • Freedom without a bra

If you want to move freely without a nursing bra, please always ensure that your chest feels comfortable! Individual breast shape and size can make it necessary to wear a supportive bra while breastfeeding.

Important information for the care of your ARDO LilyPadz

  1. Clean the nursing pads with a pH-neutral, fat-soluble, fragrance-free dishwashing detergent and hot water. Rinse with clear hot water and shake out the ARDO LilyPadz vigorously. Then let them dry on a kitchen towel. Reuse when dry or put back in storage.
  2. Before using for the first time, but also occasionally, you can boil the ARDO LilyPadz for 1 minute. However, this process shortens the life of the nursing pads.
  3. Never rub the ARDO LilyPadz, otherwise the microscopic pores could be destroyed and adhesion is no longer guaranteed.
  4. Do not use the pads in a microwave or in the dishwasher!
If you have any further questions about the LilyPadz, please use the comment function or contact ARDO Customer Service.
I wish you a cozy breastfeeding time,