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The Ministry of Schools and Education today provided schools with comprehensive information and accompanying materials for the corona self-tests that will be sent from tomorrow. School Minister Yvonne Gebauer: “The alternating instruction in our schools is already an important step towards reducing contacts in the schools and thus making a major contribution to infection control. Every step towards more normal school life must always take into account the occurrence of the infection and requires accompanying measures to protect the health of all those involved. These measures now also include corona self-tests for the students.

In schools in particular, a large number of very complex questions arise in connection with self-tests, for which the Schools Ministry does not leave the schools alone. In addition to the normal advisory structures via the school supervisory authority, we have worked out information and framework guidelines that have been coordinated with school authorities and health authorities. It was also very important to me personally to not only make self-tests available to the schools, but also to provide comprehensive accompanying information, such as the test procedure, the pedagogical and organizational handling of test results and information for parents. I am aware that the implementation of self-tests will represent a further and new challenge for the schools, in which we want to support those responsible on site, especially the school management and teachers, as best as possible. "

In a first step, the state government is providing secondary schools in North Rhine-Westphalia with around 1.8 million corona self-tests at short notice at the start of alternating lessons from this week. The tests take place in the rooms of the school on the days to be determined by the school, if possible at the beginning of the lesson with the students present in the classroom. They are supervised by the school staff - especially the teachers. In principle, all pupils should take part in the tests, but parents or pupils of legal age can object to the test offer or the test execution with a corresponding declaration. For parents without knowledge of German, the Ministry of Education also provides schools with information in over 10 other languages.

The aim is for all students to have a test opportunity by the Easter holidays. Important information about the exact procedure of the tests, the interpretation of the results and the handling of positive test results were given in today's SchulMail.

As of today, the state is responsible for assembling the test kits for each individual school and sending them to the schools by parcel. The first deliveries should reach the schools from tomorrow. In the following days up to the Easter holidays, the schools determine the day of the test and can thus ensure the necessary preparation time themselves.

School and Education Minister Yvonne Gebauer explained: “Starting this week, school operations will be accompanied by a triad of protection, vaccination and testing, with the aim of ensuring health protection and educational opportunities in a balanced relationship. I am glad that we have succeeded in giving schools such tests as a priority. North Rhine-Westphalia is thus implementing the resolutions of the Prime Minister's Conference. "

The tests for school staff have been regulated for a long time: in North Rhine-Westphalia, all people working at schools have been able to attend one up to two times a week without a cause from January 11 until the last day of school before the Easter holidays (March 26, 2021) Have a freely chosen date tested.

For more information, please refer to the school mail from March 15, 2021:

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