Is the truth the worst

"Half the truth is the worst of all lies!"

“We are trapped. Freezing. Wait. Hungry, so terribly hungry. We'll be free soon. "

Grew up miles away and indistinguishable - that's Quinn and Piper. The two twin sisters met for the first time at their mother's funeral at the age of 13. Nobody can tell them apart, as the two look like an egg to the other, which is especially difficult for Zack, Piper's friend.

Piper wants to know everything about Quinn and asks her a lot of questions, but this one is rather closed. The sisters soon found more things in common, but also differences. Quinn grew up with her grandmother and was raised not to lie, unlike Piper, who is used to getting whatever she wants. For them, lying is a perfectly normal habit. These differences lead to some disagreements, but despite everything, the siblings have one question that unites them: Why were they separated? The more they find out, the more curious the story becomes. Suddenly curses, witches and so-called "hunting dogs" play a role. Who are Quinn and Piper really? Will the bond between them remain in spite of all the difficulties or will it break in the end?

It's not exactly easy to have a twin who could be yourself at any time. There is so much that the two sisters do not know, but sometimes it is better to leave something behind or to take responsibility for the consequences. An exciting time begins, full of lies, secrets, truths and a little envy of each other. Who will be happy and who will not? Can there be two of this kind, or is one dangerous? Lies are tricky and whoever lies can quickly become one themselves.

“Red, red blood, warm and delicious. I want, need more Always more. Despair."

“Book of Lies” is a wonderful book with a surprising ending. There's a lot going on about lies and family. Together they make a great story that invites you to a slightly different world, a world mixed with reality and fantasy that I really liked. In the course of the story it becomes more and more exciting and the climax can be clearly felt.

The book is quite easy to read, which is why experienced readers can read it through quickly. A small disadvantage is that the chapters are short and always alternate with Quinn and Piper's point of view, which means that I sometimes had to reread the first sentences to adjust to the right person. The book is written from a first-person perspective, which enables the reader to empathize with each other. The book is recommended for ages 14 and up; I personally think that you can read it at the age of 12. The author Teri Terry has once again managed to write a really very successful book. Big compliments to Teri Terry!

Jasmin (12 years)

Book of Lies. Teri Terry. Translation: Petra Knese. Coppenrath. 2016.